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Katarzyna Marciniak - "Professors' House - adaptation of "Koszarowiec" at 53 Niepodległości Avenue".

13 of June '22
Technical data
Type: undergraduate thesis
Year of defense: 2021
Name: "Professor's house - adaptation of the "Barracks building" at 53 Niepodległości Avenue".
Author: Katarzyna Marciniak
University: Faculty of Interior Design and Scenography at the Magdalena Abakanowicz University of Arts in Poznan.

Piotr Machowiak, Ph.

Work submitted for the competition
"Best Interior Diploma 2020/2022".

The project is a response to considerations regarding the new function of the historic barracks building located on the grounds of the Faculty of Law and Administration of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan. Due to the location of the building, the idea for it was adapted to the needs of the academic community. The concept of a multifunctional space was created by analyzing the needs of those working in academia. The idea of the professors' house was developed and, in addition to a place for temporary accommodation during conferences, it also includes relaxation zones, including a swimming pool, andareas for various forms of work. In the interiors, materials have been used to match the function and allude to the austerity of the post-military building.

„Koszarowiec” - projektowany segment, widok budynku i zestawienie brył

"Barracks" - designed segment, view of the building and juxtaposition of solids

© Katarzyna Marciniak

The aim of the project was to create a place that provides a balance between work and leisure. The first floor includes a catering area and a recreational swimming hall. Hand-applied structural clay plaster in a shade of gray with visible texture contrasts with the other smooth planes on the first floor. The wooden ceiling was replaced with a reinforced concrete one, allowing the exposed raw surface to remain, which was only waterproofed to protect it from deterioration. In the entrance area is the reception area, which is an extension of the building covered with stainless steel sheets. Opposite it sits a designed opening in the wall with a place to hang up outer garments. The maroon color is inspired by fire and is meant to enliven and warm up the austere atmosphere of the interior.

Dom profesorski - recepcja

Professor's house - reception area

© Katarzyna Marciniak

The kitchen area's cabinetry transitioning into the reception area is finished in stainless steel, exposing the working material of restaurant furniture, which is often used for functional reasons. The homogeneous metal structure thus created is topped with a maroon powder-coated accent in the form of an auxiliary tray shelf and a wall separating it from the reception area. Lighting on rails creates a regular rhythm, as does the glass wall separating the cafeteria from the pool room.

„Koszarowiec” - aksonometria

"Barracks building" - axonometry

© Katarzyna Marciniak

Two functional passageways (men's and women's) lead to the pool hall, consisting of locker rooms, toilets and showers, and are identical on both sides. The monochromatic interior this time was broken with a dark blue color to emphasize the change in function and the transition to the "water" area. The room with the pool basin is tiled in a pattern similar to the terrazzo floor. The structural columns surrounding the basin are painted black, blending with the lighting rack under the ceiling.

Widok na basen

view of the pool

© Katarzyna Marciniak

The second floor has a different atmosphere, resulting from the leisure function. Semi-transparent light fabric suspended from the ceiling gives softness and lightness, while the wooden floor gives a warm and cozy atmosphere. Sofas and armchairs with burgundy upholstered trim create comfortable places to spend time. A glass form with a metal black structure through which one can look into the pool area has fabric exterior elements to "soften" its character. The wall at the end has been topped with a fabric curtain, giving the illusion of a hidden next room.

Dom profesorski. Rzut 1. piętra

Professor's House. 1st floor plan

© Katarzyna Marciniak

The rooms have wooden floors and furniture, while the walls have been finished with plaster imitating concrete to create a uniform raw surface combined with an exposed reinforced concrete ceiling. This hard and cold material was contrasted with soft, warm fabrics, which are covered with acoustic panels mounted on a metal structure.

Strefa pracy grupowej

group work zone

© Katarzyna Marciniak

The second floor stands out because there was a wooden structure there. In the renovated version, the visible wooden pillars and beams have been left. Wood is omnipresent here, from floor to ceiling. The glass box, behind which the group work spaces are hidden, has dark blue fabric elements. Inside the box is a wall of wooden acoustic panels. The folding doors have been painted with magnetic black board paint, so they have become a place for writing. The walls in the conference rooms opposite the glass entrance are clad with acoustic panels made of linear oak profiles and dark felt. White matte board paint, meanwhile, has been painted on the walls where presentations will be displayed.


Illustrations: © Author

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