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Lukasz Wolniak - "Interior, where I meet death. The design of funerary space in the Syropiarnia building in Luboń".

19 of February '24
Technical data
Type: master's thesis
Year of defense: 2023
Name: "Interior where I meet death. Design of funerary space in the Syropiarnia building in Lubon".
Author: Łukasz Wolniak
University: Magdalena Abakanowicz University of Arts in Poznan, Department of Interior Design.
Promoter: Dr. Natalia Kliśko-Walczak prof. UAP

Work submitted for the competition
"Best Interior Diploma 2022/2024".

The design of the funeral space in the Old Syropiarnia building, located between the main street of Lubonia (in the Wielkopolska region) and the nature surrounding the Warta River, consists of three parts: the western, highest, middle and eastern, with a sloping roof. Thanks to huge windows and two skylights, the interior is filled with natural light, the effect of which is enhanced by the finishing materials used. Steel staircases have been designed on opposite sides of the building, allowing the building to be adapted to the needs of people with disabilities.

Zewnętrzny układ przestrzeni funeralnej

external layout of the funeral space

© Lukasz Wolniak

The center of the entire establishment is an oak tree, which is a symbol of longevity. This tree, in ancient beliefs Axis Mundi, supported the sky, while its roots descended to the deepest underworld, probably all the way to Navia [the name of the beyond in Slavic beliefs - editor's note], forming pillars there. The main hall is filled with bright colors that reflect natural light. The left side of the building is dedicated to social rooms.

Dzięki ogromnym oknom i dwóm świetlikom wnętrze wypełnia naturalne światło

Thanks to huge windows and two skylights, the interior is filled with natural light

© Lukasz Wolniak

In the middle part of the building there is a cremation room, the color scheme of which refers to heaven and earth. Materials with fire resistance class A - sintered steel - were used to finish its interior. The room included a cremation oven, a mill for ashes, a table so that the ashes will be placed in an urn with due respect, and a bookcase.

Sala kremacji, na ścianie urny Sala kremacji

cremation room

© Lukasz Wolniak

The second floor has been adapted into spaces where you can confront your emotions about life and passing. The first part is to hold conversations with people who are in contact with the subject of death in their work and life. The steel load-bearing elements of the rooms, whose walls have been filled with glass that meets acoustic standards, have a floor made of natural grass.

Sala rozmów na 1. piętrze

The interview room on the 1st floor

© Lukasz Wolniak

The floor of the entire floor has been raised by 10 centimeters, making it possible to install a waterproof trough on a circular plan. Opposite the conversation rooms are red acoustic rooms that allow emotions to be thrown out and shouted. Sounds are dampened by walls on a substructure filled with acoustic foam, a floor with added felt and soft fabric molding. There is also a nursing room nearby.

Sala wyrzucania emocji Sala wyrzucenia emocji utrzymana jest w czerwieniach

The emotion dump room is kept in reds

© Lukasz Wolniak

In the eastern part of the floor is the meditation room. The huge bright space filled with vegetation has a soothing effect on the senses. Acoustic curtains hanging from the suspended ceiling delineate the circular zones. The natural grass floor was designed on a green ceiling base with a 2 percent slope. It is covered with a waterproofing membrane overlapping the wall, followed by a non-woven filter fabric, a layer of gravel with a drip irrigation system. Water flowing down the grooves located on both sides of the hall is drained into a reservoir and reused.

Sala medytacji Sala medytacji

In the eastern part of the floor there is a meditation room

© Lukasz Wolniak

The second floor of the building is occupied by training rooms. On each floor there are toilets, the one on the first floor is adapted for people with disabilities.

Sala główna przestrzeni funeralnej

The center of the whole establishment is an oak tree, which is a symbol of longevity

© Lukasz Wolniak

The space around the building has been designated as a memorial site. Here, among the alleys and growing oaks, visitors can remember their deceased loved ones. The entire designed funerary space allows foreign cultures and beliefs to merge with each other, positively influencing the understanding of death and, most importantly, the other person.


Illustrations: © Author

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