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Martyna Lyson - "Conceptual design for the reconstruction of a barn from the 1950s".

18 of March '22
Technical data
Type: undergraduate thesis
Year of defense: 2021
Name: "Conceptual design for the conversion of a barn from the 1950s to a design and photography studio with a residential area".
Author: Martyna Łysoń
University: J. Tyszkiewicz University of Bielsko, Direction: Interior Design.

Prof. Jerzy Swałtek

Work submitted for the competition
"Best Interior Diploma 2020/2022".

The subject of the work is a conceptual design for the conversion of a barn from the 1950s into a design and photography studio with a living area. The issue is closely related to the author's field of study, and the motivation for the development of the above issue was the desire to create a workspace combined with an apartment.

Studio i mieszkanie znajduje się w stodole z lat 50. XX wieku

The studio and apartment are located in a barn from the 1950s

© Martyna Lysoń

In the case of this barn, according to the conceptual design, it would be necessary to add a superstructure in the brick part, to add a new section of the building in place of the wooden part, or to modernize the exterior and interior appearance. Consultations with specialists and experts are also needed to outline to what extent the existing structure can be used and how to make the changes included in the conceptual design.

Parter studia z częścią do spotkań

The design and photography studio is a place to work and meet

© Martyna Lysoń

The first and crucial step to start the whole process is to see the potential in the old and dilapidated barn, which many have proposed razing to the ground. Fortunately, no one managed to convince the owners of the building to do so, on the contrary, thanks to this they saw the potential in the barn. This was also due to their sentiment for the building and its history.

Rzut parteru projektowanego budynku

first floor of the building

© Martyna Lysoń

During the family's discussions related to the future of the building, a rather bold idea emerged to renovate and appropriately adapt the brick-built part into a design and photography studio and add a living area in place of the wooden part. So the idea had to result in a conceptual design. An important part of the design was to give the building a modern feel, while preserving fragments from its past - the brick

Parter studia z częścią do pracy

The work area and staircase leading to the first floor of the studio

© Martyna Lysoń

The design and photography studio would become a place for work and meetings. People working in this space have access to computer stations and a workstation where drawings can be made or prints cut. The design also includes a table with chairs where employees could have a meal, and meetings with clients or colleagues would also take place there. On the first floor there is also a small toilet and a kitchen, while the first floor is entirely occupied by a photography studio, which is accessed by an interesting staircase in design that also serves as a decoration of the space.

Część mieszkalna projektu

living area, open living area on the first floor

© Martyna Lysoń

The living area, on the other hand, would be used for relaxing and receiving guests. In the conceptual design, the first floor includes a vestibule, a laundry room/boiler room, a small toilet and an open living area in the open space convention. It consists of a lounge area, dining area and kitchen.

Sypialnia na piętrze mieszkania

On the first floor of the living area there are two bedrooms

© Martyna Łysoń

Next to the bathroom on the first floor there is a door leading directly to the design and photography studio. On the first floor there are two bedrooms with dressing rooms, a sizable bathroom and a corridor with a lounge function. Interesting and imaginative solutions were used in the remodeling concept.

Łazienka na piętrze mieszkania

The bathroom with a large glass window was designed on the first floor of the building

© Martyna Łysoń

The whole refers by its form to the existing building. By leaving and using brick, the barn still carries with it a tangible piece of history. The interiors are dominated by bright colors and subdued colors, simplicity prevails, and they evade clearly outlined styles. It is also important that natural materials have been used, which make you want to stay in this building. Large glazings give the barn character. The building fits in well with its surroundings and can be an object of interest to passersby.

Martyna Lysoń

Illustrations: © Author

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