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Mazovian conservationist recalled

01 of March '24

Professor Jakub Lewicki has been dismissed from his post as Mazovian Regional Historic Preservation Officer. Who will take his place?

On February 29 this year, at the request of the General Conservator of Monuments, Secretary of State in the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage Bożena Żelazowska, Mazovian Governor Mariusz Frankowski dismissed Jakub Lewicki from his position as Mazovian Regional Conservator of Monuments. Lewicki had held the position since March 22, 2017.

I am the longest-serving provincial conservator of monuments - as far as large cities are concerned - and this is a huge success," Jakub Lewicki told - I will remind you that 7 years ago I replaced Barbara Jezierska, who came from the Law and Justice party, and at that time the office was, in my opinion, in very bad shape. It was a small office with difficult premises and financial and organizational situation. Today it has 150 people, has a number of additional premises, and the situation has improved considerably," he added.

controversies and merits

Over the years of Professor Jakub Lewicki's activity, many valuable monuments have been protected, including post-war ones - the Central and Warsaw Downtown train stations, the Muranów Południowy housing estate or the mosaics at the "Ursynów" and "Służew" subway stations - and very "young", such as the wooden chapel "Votum Aleksa" in Tarnow-on-Vistula (proj. Beton), built in 2011.

Controversy, on the other hand, arose over his role in the team of advisors to the Saski Palace company, which was recently reported in Warsaw's "Wyborcza" in the article "Provincial conservator of monuments makes a living in the Saski Palace company." Blatant conflict of interest."

His office is characterized by incredible vacillation in decision-making, the best example of which is agreeing on a project to rebuild the so-called Five Corners Square, then stopping the ongoing renovation because he suddenly became doubtful about whether the trees planted there were too big. His decisions also blocked other important city investments, such as the woonerf on Środkowa Street and the installation of speed cameras on the Poniatowski Bridge," scored Warsaw's "Wyborcza", nominating Lewicki in the 2022 Stołek and Noga od Stołka poll.

another change

In recent months there have also been changes in the positions of provincial conservators in Małopolska, where Katarzyna Urbańska was appointed in place of Piotr Turkiewicz, and in Pomerania, where Igor Strzok was replaced by Dariusz Chmielewski. Who will take over this function in the Mazovia province? We will keep you posted.

elaborated: Ola Kloc

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