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Michal Ruman and Kacper Guranowski awarded in international competition

12 of March '20

Students from the Faculty of Architecture at the Warsaw University of Technology have won an honorable mention in a competition organized by Young Architects Competitions. The task was to design a railroad terminal for the Chinese city of Xi'An.

The design of the railroad station by Michal Ruman and Kacper Guranowski was made as part of the "Large object with complex technology" class in the third semester of the master's degree program under the direction of Professor Elżbieta Dagna Ryńska.

The train station is a large, covered pavilion

© Michal Ruman, Kacper Guranowski

chinese roof

When designing the railroad station, the students tried to refer to the architecture of the region where the city of Xi'An is located. The building's form and details refer to the characteristic solutions of Chinese temples and historical park pavilion buildings. The result is a covered pavilion reminiscent of a Chinese ting - a massive, decorative roof resting on low columns, and the parabolic shape of the structure is its modern interpretation. The authors also alluded to the commercial tradition of Xi'an, the beginning and end of the Silk Road. The train station was based on modules combining semicircular and triangular building structures. The roof structure provides natural ventilation and constant access to fresh air. The roof also serves a retention function - its modules collect water that can be reused. Roof skylights provide natural sunlight and control of the facility's internal temperature.

The structure of the facility is made of modules

© Michal Ruman, Kacper Guranowski

urban greenery

The railroad station building was located on the axis of the plot. The entire premise was designed with travelers and residents of Xi'an in mind. Students created park-like green spaces on two sides of the main entrance, while recreational and sports areas were placed on the north side of the station. An additional structure is an office and hotel building located next to the park. The covered passageways of the building with a service area enliven the first floor of the square and blend in with the mass of the entire complex. Inside the station, there are service and catering pavilions, and the spaces between them are interspersed with greenery, shrubs and trees.

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illustrations courtesy of Michal Ruman and Kacper Guranowski

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