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"The middle of a huge construction site". Sikora Interiors with an office in the post-shipyard area

11 of April '24

The place is the epicenter of change, and we wanted to be part of it," says Jan Sikora, owner of Sikora Wnętrza. The well-known interior design studio has moved its office to the Directorate Building, in the developing post-shipyard areas of Gdansk. The interior is inspired by the shipyard's heritage.

Jan Sikora's career gained momentum after he designed the interior of the Culture Station. The spectacular transformation of a neglected waiting room of the Rumia train station into a library turned out to be a hit. Today, the studio has more than 200 interior designs to its credit at home and abroad, including projects for: Water Artistry, Sopot, a town hall in Wladyslawow, a loft in an old smithy in Leszno. She also designed the new studio of the most popular breakfast show "Good Morning TVN." And she is currently working on the interiors of the Polish Sejm and Senate.

Miejsce to jest epicentrum zmian, chcieliśmy być ich częścią - mówi Jan Sikora, właściciel Sikora Wnętrza.

The place is the epicenter of change, and we wanted to be a part of it," says Jan Sikora, owner of Sikora Wnętrza.

© Dawid Linkowski

The developing Young City

Thelatest development is the studio's new headquarters in the Management Building on the post-shipyard grounds. The building is one of the oldest buildings on the site of the Imperial Shipyard, its roots dating back to 1878. It has witnessed many historical events, including strikes by shipyard workers. Renovated in 2020, it still serves as an office.

- We chose this place because it's the very center of a huge construction site for a new district that will become a landmark of the Tri-City," Jan Sikora says in an interview with AiB. - I'm just now looking out the window and seeing it all being built. When we entered the building on the first day, we met Piotr Lorens, the Architect of the City of Gdansk, Natalia Hatalska and Mariusz Waras. The place is the epicenter of change, and we wanted to be part of it.

Tak prezentuje się nowe wnętrze pracowni

This is how the new interior of the studio looks like

© Dawid Linkowski

classic beauty, shipyard heritage

The designer stresses that the inspiration for the interior of the office was the heritage of the place and the classic beauty of the Directorate Building. But also the shipyard heritage and artifacts from the previous location. There is room for an old storage closet, industrial shelving or a model of a ship made from Lego bricks. There are also other unique details, such as a Mumbai Rickshaw or a three-and-a-half-meter table made in a local carpentry shop.

Pracownia do nowej lokalizacji przeniosła się w marcu

The studio moved to its new location in March

© Dawid Linkowski

Jan Sikora points out that the change of location is significant for him for yet another reason.

- This is an important moment in our development, we are just designing the interiors of the buildings of the Polish Parliament and Senate in Warsaw. Such topics oblige," says the architect.

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