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Modern high school open to students

18 of April '24

This is the first high school in the area. Warsaw Wesoła has been enriched with a modern high school for 600 students. The new facility was inaugurated in April.

The origins of the school's construction date back to 2018, when the entire process began with public consultations. During them, more than 70 percent of the residents of the Wesoła district supported the idea of creating a secondary school - the first public institution of its kind in this part of the capital.

Widok od strony ulicy

View from the street

Photo: E. Lach | © UM Warszawa

Formally, the CLXIII high school from Wesoła began operations on September 1, 2019, and in the interim period, i.e. until the construction of a new building, functioned in the premises of the elementary school in Stara Milosna. The design of the school's new building was chosen by a jury chaired by Małgorzata Nowaczyk of the Architecture and Spatial Planning Bureau of the City of Warsaw and composed of Aleksandra Paradowska, Andrzej Pylak, Anna Dąbrowska, Dorota Łapkiewicz, Lidia Pędrak and Jan Świderek. The competition, organized in 2019, received 6 works. The jury awarded the first prize to the {tag:pracownie} team, the second prize to SSC Architects from Bolechowice, and the third prize to Architect Radosław Guzowski.

Rzut parteru

First floor plan

© Plus 3 Architekci | UM Warszawa

Education is our absolute priority and the largest item in the city budget. Over the last 5 years we have built 15 schools and 26 kindergartens in Warsaw, and it's well invested money. And today in Wesola, we are opening the first public secondary school in 20 years. At the beginning of my term, 5 years ago, we decided with the district authorities that the construction of a high school is one of the most important demands for Wesoła, " Rafal Trzaskowski, Warsaw mayor, stressed at the grand opening of the facility.

The cost of building the high school at 3 Słowackiego Street in Wesoła reached nearly 45 million zlotys. The investment included a modern and comfortable facility with an area of nearly 6,000 sq m. In addition to 20 teaching rooms, a library and a canteen, the building was designed with an auditorium for more than 200 seats. Some of the school's interiors open with wide glazing to an interior patio, which is designed to allow relaxation in the fresh air during breaks between classes.



© Plus 3 Architects | UM Warszawa

A 700-square-meter sports hall with a gym was built next to the main school building. The facility provides space for 600 students in 16 departments. Sławomir Potapowicz, deputy chairman of the Warsaw City Council, who was present at the ceremony, expressed hope that the school will serve not only the youth, but also residents of the entire neighborhood, thanks to the possibility of organizing sports and cultural events in the auditorium and gymnasium.

Wnętrze części wspólnej

Interior of the common area

Photo: E. Lach | © UM Warszawa

The high school building uses environmentally friendly heat sources (heat pumps), and part of the roof has been covered with photovoltaic panels, which will help supply the school with electricity. With the comfort of the school's youth and staff in mind, the school has been equipped with, among other things, underfloor heating, mechanical ventilation, and to protect against excessive sunlight - reflectors in the windows.

Korytarz szkolny

School corridor

Photo: E. Lach | © UM Warszawa

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