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New Raven like La Rambla

01 of July '21

The redevelopment of Krucza Street is to be the next step in the implementation of the New Center of Warsaw strategy. The scaled-down street is to be transformed into a promenade along the lines of La Rambla - Barcelona's most popular street.

monument to socialist realism

Widok historyczny

photo: public domain

Krucza Street in its modern form is the result of plans from the 1950s. At the time, it was planned to be the axis of a new Socialist Realist district, where ministry buildings were planned. That's why, despite its minor traffic significance, it is as wide as 30-40 meters. Unfortunately, much of this space is now occupied by cars. In places, the downtown street widens to five lanes, and both sides of the roadway, bays and sidewalks are filled with parked cars.

traffic decline


photo: Wikimedia Commons

It turns out that due to the ongoing reconstruction of Five Corners Square, car traffic on Krucza Street has visibly decreased. Such, by the way, was the prediction of officials. This was confirmed by traffic analyses commissioned in connection with the square's renovation, which showed a drop of 1,000 vehicles per hour. In order to adapt the Krucza space to the real needs of its users, the city authorities announced a major reconstruction.

Warsaw's La Rambla

The Municipal Roads Administration has just put out a tender for a comprehensive analysis and traffic simulation of the section from Jerozolimskie Avenue to Piękna Street, which is expected to indicate the direction of changes there. Krucza is to gain an inner-city character, changing to resemble Barcelona's La Rambla. The center of the roadway will be occupied by a wide pedestrian passage, shaded by high rows of trees. Car traffic will be calmed down, and facilities for cyclists will appear. Thanks to the change in character, Krucza Street will become a friendly space for everyone and a place conducive to the development of services and restaurants. Missing pedestrian crossings, bicycle infrastructure and greenery will be created.

La Rambla

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A detailed street reconstruction project will be preceded by an area traffic analysis. It will make it possible to assess what variant of reconstruction will be the best, as well as how traffic should be organized on Krucza itself and its crossroads.

elaborated: Kacper Kępiński

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