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Krzysztof Chwalibóg is dead

20 of February '23

Krzysztof Chwalibóg, an architect considered one of the pioneers of universal design in Poland, and a long—time president of SARP, has died.

Krzysztof Chwalibóg was born in 1940. He graduated with a degree in architecture from the Warsaw University of Technology in 1963. He founded Atelier3 Chwalibóg Architectural Office. He was the author of the Saint John Kante Church in Legionowo, Warsaw's Aplauz office building or the SPA hotel in Krynica Zdrój, for which he received the SARP 1997 Award of the Year. He also participated in the Arch50+ group.

Krzysztof Chwalibóg was primarily known for his activities to popularize solutions adapted to the elderly and people with disabilities. He is counted among the pioneers of universal design, as evidenced by his initiation of the UIA "Friendly and Inclusive Sapces" competition in 2014. This competition aims to promote accessible and user—friendly architecture.


The book "Architecture of Friendly Spaces" by Krzysztof Chwalibog, published by NIAiU in 2022.

© National Institute of Architecture and Urbanism

The late architect was also a long—time president of the Association of Polish Architects (1991—2000), as well as director of the "Architecture for All" program. In 2000, Krzysztof Chwalibóg became an honorary professor at the University of Architecture and Technology in Xi "an, China. He was also awarded the Knight's Cross and the Officer's Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta (2003). His long—standing commitment to the excluded is also evidenced by receiving an award in the "Accessibility Leader" competition in the architect/urbanist category in 2021.

He is the author of dozens of publications in the field of architecture. His latest publication, "Architecture of Friendly Spaces" was published by the National Institute of Architecture and Urbanism in 2022.

Nie żyje Krzysztof Chwalibóg

Krzysztof Chwalibóg

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compiled by Wiktor Bochenek

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