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Social Energy Generator. The 8th International Congress of the Economics of Values OEES 2023 has been launched

21 of November '23

It is created from the bottom up, arises from relationships between people, and has a huge driving force for action. We will talk about how to generate social energy and support and strengthen civic activity during the 8th edition of the International Congress of the Economics of Values  Open Eyes Economy Summit, which has just kicked off!

Social energy is created between people. It is created, multiplied and sustained by interpersonal relations. To sustain various forms of civic activity, it must flow from the bottom up from people and their activities, not from the top down from the administration or authorities. When people do something together of their own free will, they feel a surge of energy that propels them to continue doing it. That's when we experience common purpose, values, emotions, and thus cooperation. We are convinced that by joining forces, we can achieve more!  explain Professor Jerzy Hausner, Chairman of the OEES Program Council, and Mateusz Zmyślony, OEES Creative Director. — We hope that after this year's meeting of value economy enthusiasts there will be even more of us! For this is the first step towards changing the world for the better  they add.

The two-day event (following the example of previous editions, the congress is being held in a hybrid formula stationary, at the ICE Congress Center in Krakow, and online) is divided into four main blocks (Company-Idea, City-Idea, Brand-Culture and International Order), with a total of 250 speakers on 7 stages. The Generators of Social Energy report will also have its premiere, and the Index of Poland's Economic Credibility will be presented. You can find a detailed program here.

Mateusz Zmyślony, Creative Director of OEES, talks more about the slogan of this year's edition:

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The City-Idea block will be dedicated to the energy regeneration of cities, the discussions will revolve around the energy transition in urban regeneration and the social context of this change, as well as Europe's drive towards decarbonization and zero-carbon. Local government issues will also be an important element of this block  Malgorzata Tomczak, editor-in-chief of A&B, will moderate the inspirational session "Metropolises in search of a new political framework", featuring Aleksandra Dulkiewicz, mayor of Gdansk, Kazimierz Karolczak, chairman of the board of the Metropolis GZM, and Jakub H. Szlachetko a lawyer from the University of Gdansk.

Architecture & Business is the main media partner of the congress.

elaborated: Ola Kloc

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