Ogi Drive Bench with common cable rail

25 of June '22

Ogi Drive Bench with shared cable rail

The Bench with a common cable rail is the most elegant version of the Ogi Drive desk. The built-in horizontal cable routing system is made to remain consistent with the desk's frame - and thus barely noticeable. This makes the bench look extremely elegant and professional. The full form of the rail makes it possible to hide cables and plugs out of sight, which translates into keeping more order under the desk. The lack of dangling cables leaves more room for the user's legs, giving him more freedom of movement and increasing his safety. Bench Ogi Drive provides ergonomic workspaces for two people, both equipped with electric height adjustment of the tabletop - independent for the workstations. This feature allows for sit/stand work and frequent position changes, as well as a perfect fit for the user. It also allows the desk to fit the needs of people with mobility impairments.

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