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Bathrooms for the 21st century - oases of peace and well-being

24 of June '22

Neolith surfaces make it possible to create unique bathrooms that exude beauty and tranquility, while fostering sensations and feelings that benefit the well-being and quality of life of their users.

Tranquility and well-being are the qualities that best describe bathrooms in 2022. They are spaces where the latest design trends, lighting materials and technologies come together to create ideal rooms where personal hygiene rises to the next level, encompassing beauty and body care as well as relaxation and rest.

Today, bathrooms of all sizes reign supreme in the domestic space. They are rooms that give expression to new design and material trends focused on the well-being of the householder.

In this regard, Neolith sintered stone surfaces represent a breakthrough, providing revolutionary, functional solutions, regardless of the model chosen, because each bathroom is a separate universe defined by the dynamics of use and the preferences of its users.

Today, bathrooms are multifunctional spaces, places to experience multiple experiences that affect the senses, fostering sensations and feelings that have a positive impact on our well-being and quality of life, taking care of both body and mind.

It's a premise in which the concept of "" is a statement of principles that embodies Neolith's purpose and personality, defining the various stages of man's relationship with the products around him, starting with what is physical and felt, and ending with what most affects the imagination and senses.

Kamień spiekany Neolith w łazienkach

© Neolith

Aesthetics, versatility and functionality

Bathrooms are one of the main rooms stimulating innovation in the domestic space, and their design uses technologically advanced, state-of-the-art materials such as Neolith to bring to life ideas that were previously impossible to realize in practice.

Until recently, bathroom arrangements were conditioned by heavy use and protection from moisture and steam, aiming to keep the room in proper condition and delay the process of degradation.

Neolith enables a radical change in this approach and contributes to the design and creation of dream bathrooms that maintain an impeccable appearance for many years. These are bathrooms that are almost maintenance-free thanks to the unique properties of sintered stone surfaces that are unchanging when exposed to the elements, are pore-free, exhibit exceptional durability and provide maximum levels of hygiene, ease of cleaning and maintenance.

Kamień spiekany Neolith w łazienkach

© Neolith

In addition, thanks to the wide range of available formats and thickness variants, it is possible to use a single material for the entire bathroom, for floors and walls, as well as for sinks, shower trays and bathtubs, avoiding joints, ensuring maximum cleanliness and aesthetic unity, as it is even possible to line entire walls with a single monolithic element.

Bathroom metamorphosis

Sinks, shower trays and bathtubs created with Neolith make it possible to metamorphose these elements and increase their functionality, ensuring their leading role in terms of maintaining clean lines integrated with the rest of the fixtures, without the need for joints and with the assurance of an impeccable appearance for many years. The result is a unified and harmonious, yet functional and practical space that combines with Neolith flooring and walls.

Kamień spiekany Neolith w łazienkach

© Neolith

A safe room with a non-slip surface

Neolith surfaces are waterproof and pore-free, making them highly hygienic and therefore a logical choice for use in bathrooms, where cleanliness and safety (fall prevention) are two requirements of paramount importance.

Thanks to the revolutionary Neolith Slip-No-More anti -slip coating, now bathrooms are not only beautiful, but also safer. The coating can be applied to all surfaces offered by the brand, regardless of the model or type of finish. In addition, Neolith offers textured surfaces, such as Riverwashed, providing even more friction to the bathroom floor, shower tray or bathtub bottom, making them safer to use.

Setting trends

Neolith sintered stone, its textures, models and color versions are setting new trends in bathroom design, providing new possibilities previously unimagined. These are surfaces that provide beauty, versatility, comfort and well-being every day, invariably maintaining an impeccable appearance.

They are both surfaces inspired by natural materials such as marble, stone, metals and wood, and are available in solid colors, from pristine white to the deepest black. It is a comprehensive range that includes vein-covered models, muted colors that create an atmosphere of harmony, warmth and well-being that can be achieved through the use of wood, or a metallic, modern effect that provides bold, determined and unchanging beauty. The collection is constantly being expanded, combining models that fit the latest trends with timeless proposals.

Kamień spiekany Neolith w łazienkach

© Neolith

Natural spaces that encourage people to spend time in them

The year 2022 is the year of reconnecting, enjoying things small and large again, and regaining emotional balance - Neolith surfaces contribute to this by creating spaces that encourage people to spend time joyfully in them. After all, nothing would make sense without the presence of another human being, tangible, tangible, leaving their mark... and reminding us that these spaces are there to be together.

A constant concern for our planet

Neolith is a revolutionary surface, 100% natural and innovative, and now available in a new, even more eco-friendly 90R composition. This designation identifies models with up to 90% recycled raw materials in their composition (compared to 48% today).

The new composition carries the Neolith guarantee and quality markings, maintaining excellent technical properties and combining them with avant-garde design. In addition, the entire production process is characterized by high efficiency and is carried out under carbon neutral conditions.

For more information, visit the company's NEOLITH POLSKA page on the PdD portal.

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