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Unique experiences: hotels that exude personality

25 of July '22

There are one-of-a-kind hotels, cozy hotels, boutique-style hotels, hotels belonging to large chains or placed in the segment of luxury facilities. All provide their customers with a whole range of different experiences.

Family hotels, city hotels, employee hotels, tourist hotels... all have a distinct identity and offer a well-defined range of services and benefits with a view to providing customers with the maximum comfortable stay. They are facilities where the design, architecture, materials and finishes enable them to create and then replicate a brand image that unambiguously distinguishes them from their competitors.

Hotels for the 21st century provide connectivity, are smart and designed to facilitate a successful stay, focusing on the quality of the lived experience and the details applied on both a small and large scale. It is a holistic and harmonious model for the facility, with Neolith surfaces creating a unique backdrop that interacts with the senses, accompanying the guests staying there and highlighting the premium experience.

Facades with character

Many hotel chains choose to incorporate their brand image into the facade of their facilities, wishing to increase their recognition. In this regard, Neolith offers almost unlimited possibilities, as the sintered stone surfaces emphasize the architectural and design aspects of the structure, while replicating the essence of precious stones and wood, weathering steel and a full range of colors, as well as allowing the use of company-identifying colors and graphics of all kinds.

Okładzina zewnętrzna: Neolith Nero Zimbabwe

Exterior cladding: Neolith Nero Zimbabwe


Neolith's eco-friendly ventilated facades manufactured in carbon neutral provide maximum thermal insulation for the building regardless of weather conditions, also guaranteeing protection from the sun and acoustic insulation. The installation process is quick and easy, saving time and unnecessary expenses, and the facades themselves are extremely durable thanks to their resistance even to extreme temperature changes and UV radiation, thus guaranteeing an unchanged appearance of the installed surface. In addition, the facades require almost no maintenance, and can be easily cleaned if necessary. Each Neolith panel is marked with a production code, which makes it possible to produce an identical piece if a replacement is needed.

Neolith is the perfect partner for architects, designers and contractors, making it possible to bring even the boldest designs to life and complete the most complex renovation projects. These surfaces will enliven any setting, while providing unique design and styling to the building's exterior. The possibilities are endless, and the targeted cladding provides functionality without forgetting the aesthetic considerations of the designed structure.

The best welcome

The customer experience of a hotel begins right after crossing the threshold, where the juxtaposition of visual and sensory-affecting elements provides a foretaste of the essence of the facility: its personality, its approach to the customer, its service offerings....

This is a space where Neolith surfaces exude the highest quality and encourage unlimited creativity, separating individual rooms and extending the brand identity also to all the details used - floors and walls, counter tops at the reception desk or furniture. The surfaces also serve to separate or connect common areas, while blending in with other interior design elements such as mirrors, artwork, furniture and lamps. Neolith provides a unique aesthetic and visual experience, as well as a number of unique properties that generate additional value, making it impossible to pass by these elements indifferently.

Posadzka: Neolith Zaha Stone

Floor: Neolith Zaha Stone


Neolith offers slab models that can be used throughout a hotel's entire space, creating unique common areas leading to rooms, the restaurant area, recreation and relaxation areas, the spa, pool, gym and even the elevator area. Thanks to the material's unique properties, floors, walls and ceilings maintain an impeccable appearance and perfect condition despite the passage of time.

Rooms you want to live in

The main element of the hotel's space are the rooms designed to become an oasis of peace and comfort for the guests who visit them. This can be achieved through proper lighting, soundproofing of the room, spaciousness, functionality, furniture used, internet connectivity and, above all, space design, decoration and materials used. The first impression is crucial here, as guests are not always ready to give a hotel a second chance.

The key to success once again is creativity, facilitated by the variety and design of Neolith surfaces, eliminating all difficulties and making assumptions that previously seemed impossible a reality.

In addition to cladding floors, ceilings and walls, Neolith plays a leading role in terms of the design of furniture, toilets, dressing rooms, shower trays or bathtubs. Neolith sintered stone is suitable for any application, providing high aesthetic and hygienic qualities both in the bedroom and in the bathroom perceived as a spa center.

This unlimited range of applications makes it possible to ensure the continuity and balance of each room through the use of both neutral colors and bold color schemes or motifs inspired by natural or industrial elements such as marble, stone, wood or metal. The Neolith material offers the highest quality, harmonious juxtapositions and the ability to design exclusive spaces that exude warmth, without compromising the comfort of the guests staying in them.

Floor and ceiling as an expression of personality

Neolith's range includes solutions for floors and ceilings, whether traditional, suspended or floating. These solutions make it easier and faster to renovate a facility at record speed without the need for construction work or halting current operations.

As in the case of walls, existing floors and ceilings can be quickly covered with cladding thanks to the use of large-format elements available in different thicknesses and countless models, allowing all kinds of combinations, from the most classic to completely avant-garde and inspiring projects, not forgetting the possibility of personalizing projects with premium surfaces that provide maximum aesthetic and functional value.

Bathroom fittings: elegance and uniqueness

Neolith extends the ability to renovate rooms and common areas also to specific fixtures such as shower trays, bathtubs, sinks, countertops, furniture and decorative elements, enabling the creation of highly aesthetic, functional, transparent spaces that are almost joint-free and require only minimal maintenance. And all this thanks to the use of sintered stone surfaces referring to the beauty and texture of the noblest ornamental stones and the warmth of the most exotic woods or metals, such as copper, weathering steel or bronze.

Okładzina ścienna, blat łazienkowy i posadzka: Neolith estatuario

Wall cladding, bathroom countertop and flooring: Neolith estatuario



Neolith enhances fancy terraces, the surfaces of indoor swimming pools, the interiors of beauty salons, massage rooms and gyms, and even natural green spaces conducive to meditation.

Both indoors and outdoors - Neolith provides exceptional design, without forgetting practical considerations thanks to its attention to maximum levels of hygiene, resistance and durability. It is a surface that remains unchanged despite the passage of time, which retains resistance to the most extreme conditions and requires no maintenance.

Neolith is the best partner to enable the creation of an exclusive atmosphere in which appropriately selected decorative materials foster a bond with the natural environment through the use of an ecological surface whose design reflects the natural character of the reproduced materials.

A new model for renovation work

Renovations of hotels, especially the most luxurious ones, are a common practice that traditionally involves the need to partially or completely halt current operations due to ongoing work. This problem is eliminated by Neolith with its range of large-format sintered stone surfaces with minimal thickness.

Neolith provides a comprehensive and effective solution for the renovation of interior cladding: both walls, floors and ceilings, as well as bathrooms and other furniture fittings. Thanks to the variants of thicknesses of 3 and 6 mm, Neolith boards can be easily installed on the existing surface of walls or furniture.

This functionality is accompanied by high quality, beauty and a wide range of models and finishes that enable innovative and unique designs to meet the creative requirements of architects and interior decorators. In addition, Neolith surfaces are extremely durable, maintain a consistent appearance and hygienic qualities, require almost no maintenance and look like new for many years.

For more information, visit the company's NEOLITH POLSKA page on the A&B portal.

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