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On rails to Lemingrad - Wilanów will gain a streetcar route

30 of March '22

Streetcars will return to Wilanów. The route, decommissioned in 1973, will be replaced by a new one. This is one of Warsaw's largest tramway investments in recent years. The town of Wilanów will gain a connection to the center of Warsaw.

Access to the so-called Lemingrad, or estates in Miasteczko Wilanów, today is only possible by bus, car and bicycle. This is the result of the decommissioning of the streetcar line that operated on the route from Goworek to Wilanów between 1937 and 1973. The new line is to partially recreate its route, but will also reach deeper into the newly developed part of the district near the Temple of Divine Providence. The route will be about 7.5 kilometers long. Its course will begin at the intersection of Pulawska Street and Goworka Street. The line will then run straight, along Belwederska and Sobieski streets, in the direction of Miasteczko Wilanów. The terminus for two-way streetcars will be located at the intersection of Rzeczypospolitej and Branickiego avenues.

two legs

Tramwaj na Wilanowie - wizualizacja

Photo: Tramwaje Warszawskie

A spur along Gagarina Street all the way to Czerniakowska Street is planned for the route - this is a separate investment by Tramwaje Warszawskie and Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Wodociągów i Kanalizacji. The construction of a spur to the Stegny estate, meanwhile, has been postponed indefinitely.

thirty stops in thirty minutes

Trasa na Wilanów - schemat

Diagram of the route to Wilanów

photo: Tramwaje Warszawskie

A total of 31 stops will be built along the entire route between the center and Wilanów. A green wave system will operate along the entire route, so that streetcars will not have to wait in front of intersections for the light to change. Travel time along the entire newly built route will be about 30 minutes. For comparison - drivers currently have to spend up to 45 minutes to cover the same route during rush hour.

two years to build

Skrzyżowanie przy Miasteczku Wilanów

photo: Tramwaje Warszawskie

Budimex will have 22 months to build the route in its basic scope, i.e. from Pulawska Street past the junction with St. Boniface Street, i.e. up to the level of Stegien - that is, until January 2024. An option that Warsaw Trams can opt for within 10 months of signing the contract is to bring the entire route to Wilanów, to the intersection with Branickiego Street (Miasteczko Wilanów). The contractor will have a total of 21 months to build the routes under this option.

Tramwaj w okolicy Świątyni Opatrzności Bożej

Photo: Tramwaje Warszawskie

elaborated: Kacper Kępiński

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