Akpol Plus - manufacturer of garbage cans
Today, trash garbage cans have become an indispensable part of any architecture. Caring for the environment around us is fundamental to the survival of our planet.

Our products are the perfect answer to the significant human needs that accompany us every day. However, in order to realize them, a professional business partner is essential.

Garbage can manufacturer trustworthy
Such is our company, because we not only understand the expectations of the customer, which we efficiently implement, but also constantly develop our offer. Of this we have proven more than once.

We always apply the highest standards when dealing with our customers, utilities, cities, municipalities or housing communities.

When negotiating contracts for street garbage cans or benches, we treat the other party as legitimate partners and always come to an agreement with them.

Weather-resistant baskets
We specialize in creating trash garbage cans for outdoor use.

Proper preparation of the surface before it is coated with paint and the selection of the right quality of materials are basic elements of production, so that our products can be characterized by the best resistance to weather conditions.

For paint coating, we use only certified paints from the best European manufacturers.

Many years of experience in manufacturing baskets
In the course of many years of activity, our cast iron and metal baskets have made their home in many cities, on crowded city streets or public buildings.

We can boast the successful completion of many orders for metal and cast iron street garbage cans, which have become the perfect complement to multi-million dollar investments.

Many of them have become landmarks of cities, and satisfied customers often return to us.

Urban architecture of the highest quality
We believe that it is important to take care of equipping public spaces with details of the highest quality, i.e. elements of small urban architecture, especially trash garbage cans, which enhance the image of the city in the eyes of residents and tourists.

Free adaptation to customer needs
We consult the garbage cans and benches we produce with our regular customers in order to constantly improve our products and enhance their functionality.

We are able to adapt to even the most demanding customers and meet their expectations, creating dedicated and unique products.

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