Ampel Group

Ampel was founded in 1989 and has been steadily building its high position in the market ever since.

For nearly 30 years we have specialized in the distribution of object carpets, which we supply to the largest construction companies as well as hundreds of smaller finishing companies. We also sell carpets directly to hotels, offices, schools or hospitals. We have almost 100,000 square meters of products in our warehouse in Suchy Las - both carpet and PVC carpets.

Serving construction projects in Poland and Western Europe, we sell several hundred thousand square meters of carpets of various types annually.

In our activities we are guided primarily by ethics, and the principle of fair competition is a key issue for us. We do not accept the conclusion of agreements that directly or indirectly lead to the restriction or disruption of competition - this is not due to fear of penalties, but from our internal convictions.

Thanks to the high quality of our products and reliable service standards, we enjoy the trust of hundreds of our regular customers.

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