Kwiaty Paproci

Furniture combined with art! Increasingly popular in the world of design and art, the Fern Blossoms brand owes its uncompromising designs of an artistic nature. It is impossible to pass by the achievements of the brand indifferently - known for their large collaborations for cultural institutions such as the National Museum in Krakow, working with such retail chains as Factory, they have designs that have become iconic. What is the secret of the brand?

The secret of the brand is the designer duo: Adrianna Gajdziszewska and Piotr Kolanko, who have been operating in the art and business market for years. Their activities have long gone beyond the creation of a single piece. Fern Blossoms create the world, build a new horizon - mysterious, untamed, surprising... They have become an icon of what is extravagant, beautiful and sensual. Fern Blossoms transport the viewer to another dimension of experience directly into a world woven from fantasy and dreams.

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