Lexavala is a small, young, interdisciplinary design studio and art manufactory created by Jakub Szkaradek and Pawel Zajiczek.
LEXAVALA Studio's designs are characterized by original, bold and timeless design, which is brought to life in noble and natural materials - such as marble, brass, copper or stainless steel. By handcrafting all their pieces and using old artisanal methods for polishing and brushing, the creators give their products a unique character. In just 2 years they have gained great recognition among top interior designers and design offices, and realizations with their works are eagerly published by top design magazines. The duo has already been awarded the MUST HAVE prize twice at the Łódź Design Festival, in 2019 for the MISALLIANCE collection and in 2020 for the TWAIN Wall/Surface collection.
Both artists share a passion not only for good design, but also for snowboarding, which is a huge part of their lives.

Complete interiors, or conscious design and living
Glass lighting installations in interiors
Glassini SMART balustrades - the strength of aluminum balustrades with free choice of fillings