Meaco Polska

Meaco Poland is an authorized distributor of award-winning Meaco U.K. dehumidifiers and air purifiers, which are a leading product on the European market.
The production of Meaco devices began in 1991, and the experience gained at that time helps to improve the quality of our devices, which are more and more modern, energy-efficient and economical every year.

Each device has a specific purpose, so with our products you are sure that your needs will be fully satisfied.

Meaco U.K. is a leading manufacturer of award-winning dehumidifiers and air purifiers : 3 "Which ?" awards. , "Best Buy" winner , and winner of Sailing Today tests Magazine. No other dehumidifier manufacturer has won so many awards in recent times. We supply the highest quality dehumidifiers and air purifiers in Europe.

Our dehumidifiers are the ideal indication for people who want to solve any moisture or condensation problem . We supply equipment for all applications, from domestic use to industrial and construction , as well as for yachts or caravans. Each device is designed to be the best in its class, so you can be sure of a quality product that will serve you for many years.

As an authorized service center, we take care of fast warranty and post-warranty repair by providing replacement devices.

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