NUDO design

NUDO (Italian).
The word refers to the human body or its parts. It means - uncovered by clothing, naked. It also refers to things that have no ornamentation or decorative accents. Simple.
Nudo design is a design studio that creates minimalist furniture and accessories.
For us, functional design means simple and sometimes even austere shapes, which in their modesty are not trivial, but very functional. That's why we called ourselves "Nudo" which means - naked - in Italian. This is the guiding idea and inspiration for our designs and the space around us, where you will not find unnecessary ornaments and decorations. We associate our products with the human body, which bends into natural shapes, lines and curves. We keep the silhouettes of our products to a minimum and follow their basic forms, combining curves with straight and sometimes even heavy lines.
We believe that it is essential to create simple things that make our surroundings beautiful, simply.

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