For more than 20 years, PROMAG has been manufacturing metal furniture for workshops, schools, offices and locker rooms. For its product in this area, the brand is appreciated by customers, as well as honored. For its furniture, it has received, among others, the title "Best in Poland" awarded by the Hipolit Cegielski Society.

PROMAG is also thriving in other fields. It supplies warehouse equipment and equipment for internal transport and storage of goods.

PROMAG products

PROMAG's product range consists of widely understood metal equipment. These are primarily:

  • furniture - cabinets, tables, lockers, chairs,
  • workbenches and carts,
  • employee cabinets, safety and security cabinets, school cabinets, cabinets for maps, files, drawings, directories,
  • loft furniture,
  • picking tables

Technologies used

PROMAG focuses on the functionality, quality and safety of its furniture. It provides customers with certified products, with the required approvals, created on the basis of the ISO 9001-compliant Quality Management System.

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