RAW furniture is durability, functionality and elegance.
RAW follows the desire to return to nature. Carpentry craftsmanship is the foundation of the brand. Each piece of furniture is made from solid wood using advanced craftsmanship techniques. Trying not to interfere with the beauty of nature, the company uses waxes and oils to impregnate the furniture.
Wood is sourced directly from the forests, RAW has its own sawmill and carpentry workshop located in the heart of Roztocze.
The goal when designing furniture is to emphasize the versatility of wood as a material. It can be a carrier of traditional designs as well as a means of dialogue with modernity. It can showcase simple lines as well as more complex designs.
Although the furniture is simple, with a timeless form, it evokes emotions. By using natural as well as fine materials, the passage of time gives a deeper expression to our designs. RAW's actions are the result of a sincere admiration for the authenticity of wood, which can express itself in various forms.

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