Our core business is the production of metal, glass and ceramic ECOSUN type electric radiant heaters. We manufacture them according to the technology of the American company Asteck & Bercko and the Czech company Fenix. We are the only manufacturer in the world to make Ecosun type radiant heaters of any wattage, color and shape in the range of 100-3600 watts. Our radiant heaters are an essential component of central electric - radiation heating for any residential buildings, production halls, schools, hospitals, churches, greenhouses and etc.

In 2008, a team of scientists of Dr. Ing. Peter Kosack of Technische Universitat Kaiserslautern for the largest European manufacturers of electric radiant heaters Fenix and Redwel proved the superiority of radiant electric central heating over water, gas or oil heating. You can read more and more about us in our Dom&Energie newsletters.

We are motivated to work by the golden thoughts of Albert Einstein, as well as the words of Bill Gates, delivered at the Business Centre Club in Warsaw in 2006 to Polish politicians, scientists and businessmen: "Allocating the world's tax money to the production of energy-producing equipment - will eliminate unemployment and ensure prosperity."

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