Schnell POLSKA Sp. z o.o

Schnell Polska manufacturing plant
Schnell Poland is one of the leading production facilities of the company, which consists of three production plants located in Europe and Asia. It began its operations in Poland in 1993. Since its establishment, the company has focused its production in the sphere of the furniture and interior design industry. In the beginning, production was mainly limited to wall panels and trim, until 1997, when the plant's production strategy was changed and the offer expanded. In 2000, by a management decision, the construction of a new production plant was started to meet the growing demands of customers and the ever-increasing production and competition. Accordingly, investments were also made in high-quality and high-performance production equipment. A number of further investments were also made, including the construction of an additional production and storage hall in 2011 and the purchase of additional land with industrial buildings. Then, in 2013, construction of a new 3820-square-meter hall was completed on land purchased earlier.

Initially, the company's customers were mainly retail customers and smaller domestic companies. With the company's progressive development, its production also found foreign customers. At present, the plant cooperates with companies both at home and abroad, many of which are significant enterprises on a European scale. At present, the plant occupies an area of 37,000 m², of which almost 16,700 m² are modern production and storage halls. About 120 people are employed at the plant. In order to meet customer expectations, a modern company store was opened in 2017 with an area of more than 300 m², where the company's ever-growing product range is presented.

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