Author brand THORO was created thanks to the passion and commitment of many people. "The luminous trail" was blazed for us by Maciej, who has been connected with the lighting industry practically from the very beginning of his professional work. Behind him stands a vast experience, knowledge of the market but also a great sense of style. Hence the character of our fixtures - artistic, eye-catching, often maintained in the spirit of Scandinavian minimalism, but always taking into account the functional aspect. In the search for unique forms and shapes we were supported by the artist Lukasz Kwietniewski with his talent and creativity, thanks to whom our ideas gained concrete shapes and thus a chance for implementation. The idea became a project, the project became a lamp.... and later a whole collection of THORO lamps, which was perfectly accepted both on the Polish and foreign markets. The fixtures, which combine excellent design, durable quality and functional beauty, meet the diverse needs of our customers. We manufacture both luminaires in Poland and import recognized lighting brands from various parts of the world.

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