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Trainer outdoor gyms are, in other words, outdoor fitness equipment. ZPU ROMEX Sp. z o .o. manufacturer of outdoor gyms TRAINER is a company that has been operating on the Polish market for over 30 years collecting extensive experience in sales, marketing and production. On the basis of this experience, as well as the knowledge we have, we offer you TRAINERs, the devices of the so-called outdoor gym, also known as outdoor fitness for outdoor exercises. Our outdoor gyms are solid, durable and safe devices, giving great joy and satisfaction to those who exercise.


Trainer outdoor gym is, in other words, maintenance-free exercise equipment, fitness equipment, designed for installation and use outdoors, resistant to weather conditions and damage attempts, safe and easy to install. Made of corrosion-protected steel tubes, with a two-year warranty.


Trainer series outdoor fitness gyms are modular devices so it is possible to create almost any configuration of two devices on both sides of one support pole (pylon). Eco series outdoor gyms are free-standing devices, often single. In both series we can choose from a whole range of equipment, such as: runner, universal ladder, bench, orbiter, skier, foot press, twister, pendulum, rowing machine, tai chi wheels, handrails, bicycle, stepper, overhead hoist or bench press machine.

Trainer outdoor gyms

Trainer outdoor gyms are designed for recreational training. Exercises must be performed in accordance with the instructions attached to each piece of equipment, and their intensity must be adjusted to the individual condition of the exerciser.

Trainer outdoor gyms are safe and designed for both adults (including the elderly in need of rehabilitative exercises) and youth and children over 10 years of age (children under 14 should exercise under the care of guardians). They are made on the basis of Polish and European standards PN-EN 16630:2015, PN-EN 1176-1:2009 and PN-EN 1176-7:2009. The relevant and current certificate certifies that our outdoor gyms meet the safety requirements of these standards. The permissible weight of an exerciser is 150 kg.

Street Workout

Such an outdoor gym in other words outdoor fitness does not require a lot of space, a yard of 50-300 m2 is enough. The installation itself is also not complicated and can be done on your own..The best places to locate such outdoor gyms are: parks, squares, the vicinity of playgrounds and sports fields, areas along bicycle paths, health paths, hotels, resorts, housing estates, schools, universities, hospitals, as well as other places intended for leisure and recreation, such as. at gas stations or roadside inns.Often Trainer-type devices are additional equipment for playgrounds. or health paths, recreational areas in general, leisure areas.

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