VIVE Innovation

VIVE Innovation is a company that contributes to environmental protection. The company's laboratories create composite materials that are 95% recycled. Recovering used packaging or clothing makes it possible to realistically reduce emissions or cut down on deforestation.

VIVE Texcellence products

VIVE Texcellence is primarily elements created from composite, which can be used to line a terrace, furnish a balcony, gazebo or garden. Ecological furniture and landscaping elements are available:

  • benches with stands and pots,
  • flower pots,
  • street lamps,
  • stools and tables,
  • picnic tables with benches,
  • round profiles, square profiles,
  • platforms,
  • covers for garbage cans.

Technologies used

Confirmation of the quality of VIVE Texcellence products is provided by the tests conducted and certificates obtained. The company has presented eco-friendly products that have been developed as a result of years of testing. Innovative materials extracted from clothing and film are a revolution in the area of textile recycling.

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