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A seal inspired by neoplasticism. Design of the Art Center in Lodz

05 of April '22

{tag:studenci}, a graduate of the Faculty of Architecture at the Technical University of Lodz, designed an infill building in the center of Lodz, serving as an Art Center. The front, spatial facade of the building resembles a neoplastic composition, and the metal elements used allude to the industrial history of the city. The proposed facility would host exhibitions, artistic and educational activities and numerous events enriching the cultural calendar of Lodz.

The presented project is an engineering thesis titled Plomba in the center of Łódź with services on the first floor - the design of the Art Center, carried out under the direction of Dr. Rafał Lamorski at the Technical University of Łódź.

Designing an infill building in the city center is a big challenge for an architect. Especially if it is a cultural facility. The building he designs must have features in common with neighboring buildings, but should also stand out from its surroundings. In this way it becomes one of the characteristic elements of the neighborhood and shows by its appearance the function it serves," says Bartosz Ligwinski.

Centrum artystyczne w Łodzi Centrum artystyczne w centrum Łodzi

The facade of the Art Center refers to neoplasticism

© Bartosz Ligwiński

inspiration from neoplasticism

The Art Center at 7 Nowomiejska Street, proposed by the architecture graduate, is designed to promote the art of local artists and encourage Lodz residents to take an interest in art. The building provides an opportunity to gain knowledge in this field and to create. The building provides space for exhibitions and for holding various cultural events. The guiding theme of the project was the industrial history of Lodz, neoplasticism and the work of Wladyslaw Strzeminski and Katarzyna Kobro.

Centrum artystyczne to plomba w centrum Łodzi

The building is a landmark in the center of Lodz

© Bartosz Ligwiński

The front elevation of the Art Center resembles a neoplastic composition, whose edges are made of steel I-beams. It is worth noting the sliding in and out of the individual "fields" of the front facade made of system panels and facade fins. Thanks to them, the facade acquires spatiality. In addition to references to neoplastic style and industrialism, the facade bears, according to the architect, features typical of Lodz townhouses.

The appropriate proportions, the horizontal division of the facade or the "gate" as a dominant gray field indicating the entrance to the Art Center, fit in unobviously with the character and history of the city, the author adds.

Projekt Centrum artystycznego w Łodzi, kontekst urbanistyczny rojekt Centrum artystycznego w Łodzi, elewacja frontowa

The project plot is located on the axis of Piotrkowska Street - Liberty Square - Old Market Square

© Bartosz Ligwiński

Art center in Lodz

The project plot is located on the axis of Piotrkowska Street - Liberty Square - Old Market.

So it is easy to deduce that the location is in the very center of Lodz and is a very attractive area visited by many people. A cultural facility with a contemporary, distinctive look could become another distinctive element located on this axis, says the designer.

Bartosz Ligwinski wanted to relate the body of the building to typical buildings in the center of Lodz. His design consists of a front section and two piled-up exhibition halls, which resemble outbuildings in form. In the middle is a free space reminiscent of a courtyard, along with a representative spiral staircase.

Elewacja Centrum artystycznego w Łodzi Projekt Centrum artystycznego w Łodzi, schematy funkcjonalne

The center consists of five levels

© Bartosz Ligwiński

The entrance area is extremely important in this type of building. Its purpose is to make visitors curious and encourage them to enter. In the Art Center, the entrance zone opens and piles up, inviting visitors, the architect says.

The first designed elevation of the room is located in the middle of the entrance hall. A neoplastic sculpture hangs above this section, reminding visitors of the building's character. Behind the curtain wall is a courtyard covered by a glass canopy - giving plenty of sunlight and visually enlarging the space.

Centrum artystyczne, rzut parteru Centrum artystyczne, rzut 2. piętra

ground and second floor plan

© Bartosz Ligwiński

art for everyone

The main function of the Art Center is the exhibition part. Exhibition halls have been designed, for permanent as well as temporary exhibitions. These spaces can also be used for various cultural events. A cinema and lecture hall has been designed for conferences or educational classes. The top floor has an educational function. The halls will host classes for both professionals and amateurs who want to start their adventure with art. The works of art made by them can be shown at the Center to promote Lodz art.

Przestrzeń ekspozycyjna Centrum artystycznego

The main function of the Center is the exhibition function

© Bartosz Ligwiński

a cultural facility in a sustainable spirit

The front part of the building has been covered with a green roof with the possibility of installing photovoltaic panels. The glazed part of the roof lets in a lot of sunlight, which warms up the building during the winter season. In addition, the glazed roof has been equipped with louvers to protect the display section from natural light when necessary.

 Projekt Centrum artystycznego w Łodzi, przekrój B-B

Design of the Art Center in Lodz, section B-B

© Bartosz Ligwiński

The building does not provide parking spaces for visitors. The reason is that there are a large number of bus and streetcar lines nearby to encourage residents to reduce car traffic in the city center.

The building fits in with the policy of Lodz city authorities, which has been consistently trying to "kick" cars out of the center for several years and is planting more and more greenery in the area, Bartosz Ligwiński explains.

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