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Student idea for a sports complex in Opole

22 of September '22

Katarzyna Dabrowska and Julia Jendryca, architecture students at the Opole University of Technology, have designed a new sports complex for Opole residents that could be built at the Stegu Arena. It features as many as three types of ice rinks and a sports hall. In the summer season, the skating track turns into a roller skating rink.

The presented project was created during the classes of the course Design of Administration and Sports Facilities, taught by Radoslaw Wanago.

Charakterystycznym elementem jest elewacja z blachy i lustrzany dach

The characteristic element is the sheet metal facade and the mirrored roof

© Katarzyna Dąbrowska, Julia Jendryca

Our task was to design a sports complex next to the existing Stegu Arena facility in Opole. The main function of the new building was to be an ice rink. The final facility includes three types of ice rinks and a small sports hall. We believe that the entire complex will be perfect for Opole and will respond to the sports needs of the city's residents," say the authors of the project.

Schemat umiejscowienia lodowisk w budynku

The facility includes as many as three ice rinks

© Katarzyna Dąbrowska, Julia Jendryca

Skating track in winter, roller skating rink in summer

According to the students, the biggest attraction of the entire complex is the suspended skating track located on the first floor, which can serve as a roller skating rink in the summer season. In addition to this, there is a rental shop on the first floor, from which one can immediately go to the track. On this level, the authors also placed all the rooms for filmmakers and commentators, as well as a VIP area.

Tor łyżwiarski na poziomie +1.

The skating track on the +1 level.

© Katarzyna Dąbrowska, Julia Jendryca

The first floor is occupied by the administrative section. After entering the sports complex, you pass the cash registers and go behind the gates. From here the main rink is visible. In addition to the traditional grandstands, the authors created an alternative for families with children - poufs, which can be accessed from two floors. Right next to the main slab is a restaurant with a terrace and a playground for the little ones.

Restauracja i główne wejście wraz z bramkami

The restaurant and main entrance including the ticket offices

© Katarzyna Dąbrowska, Julia Jendryca

gyms, conference room and large ice rink

On level -1 there are women's and men's gyms and a fitness room. All rooms are enriched with locker rooms and sanitary facilities. In addition to the gyms, an important function on this level is the conference room, which can be used, for example, after games.

Przekrój lodowiska w Opolu

cross section of the ice rink in Opole

© Katarzyna Dąbrowska, Julia Jendryca

The main rink is located on level -2, which makes it much easier to maintain the entire facility. Next to it, there is also a small ice rink for teaching children to skate. Here is also another rental shop, locker rooms and auxiliary rooms.

Projekt lodowiska w Opolu, elewacje

elevations of the facility

© Katarzyna Dąbrowska, Julia Jendryca

sheet metal facade and mirrored roof

The entire building "opens up" towards the existing "roundhouse" of the Stegu Arena, creating a common sports complex rather than a separate facility, the students add.

The body of the building is surrounded by perforated metal sheets, which creates an interesting effect at night thanks to backlighting. The undulating roof adds dynamics to the establishment. The canopy on the entrance side was covered with a mirror, which attracts the eye and accentuates the main entrance to the building.


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