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Greenery, recreation and leisure - a student project for a new residential quarter near Świebodzki Station in Wrocław

Dobrawa Bies
23 of September '22

Roksana Gleizner and Agnieszka Laska of the Faculty of Architecture at Wrocław University of Technology have developed an area in the vicinity of Wrocław's Świebodzki Station. Their proposal is for new residential quarters full of greenery, service buildings, and enriching the station with recreational and leisure functions.

The project was created in the summer semester 2021/2022 at the Urban Design 2 - Urbanized Space class, taught by Maciej Pilny.

Aksonometria założenia

The study area is located in the vicinity of Świebodzki Station

© Roksana Gleizner, Agnieszka Laska

The subject of the study is an area located in the close vicinity of Świebodzki Station in Wrocław, near the old railroad tracks. There are many neglected and demolishable industrial buildings here. We believe that due to its favorable location, this place should be adapted to the needs of the residents so that its potential is fully utilized. The city is planning to revitalize the area which aims to increase the aesthetic value and enhance the attractiveness of the development. An important aspect of the plan is the restoration of the Świebodzki Station and the use of the existing network of railroad tracks, the students of Wroclaw University of Technology introduce.

Plac wraz z drewnianym podestem znajduje się w każdym z kwartałów mieszkalnych

The plaza, along with a wooden platform, is located in each of the residential quarters

© Roksana Gleizner, Agnieszka Laska

residential space full of greenery

In their design, the authors focused on a new residential space connected to a service and cultural center. They also took into account pedestrian and bicycle transportation. The residential buildings, by their appearance, refer to the industrial past of the area, while the service and recreational development zones, as the students say, are more modern.

Fragment zespołu mieszkaniowego

The residential buildings form quarters

© Roksana Gleizner, Agnieszka Laska

In the study area, the young architects placed twenty multi-family buildings, with each four buildings forming a separate quarter with common green spaces and small architecture in the center. Each of the quarters created in this way has a wooden terrace on an elevated platform and surrounding embankments with low and high greenery. At the extreme corners of the quarters,zones with squares have been separated, located just in front of the commercial premises located in the first floors of the multifamily buildings. Each building has been separated from vehicular traffic by a green belt.

Plan zagospodarowania całego terenu

The area also includes an office building, services and recreation areas

© Roksana Gleizner, Agnieszka Laska

The road infrastructure makes it easy to reach each part of the premise, and the underground parking lots, hidden under the multifamily buildings and the skyscraper, made it possible to save outdoor space and design additional communication and recreation zones. An elementary school is located to the west of this part of the project.

Założenie jest pełne zieleni

The premise is full of greenery

© Roksana Gleizner, Agnieszka Laska

Skyscraper and multifunctional building

The dominant feature of the site is a thirty-six-story skyscraper, consisting of multi-level elements with green terraces. The main functions of the building are offices, hotel and administration. In the northern part of the study is a building a dozen segments long, combining multiple functions - service, recreational and also administrative. Meanwhile, in the western zone, the authors planned volleyball and basketball courts, as well as a skate park, and in the eastern zone a semi-open market.

Fragment przestrzeni publicznej

The multifunctional building has cascading terraces

© Roksana Gleizner, Agnieszka Laska

The upper floors of the connector house administrative offices and services. The extreme eastern part of the building is crowned with stepped terraces, creating a public space that allows access to the third floor of the building. Everything is surrounded by islands of greenery and pedestrian and bicycle paths.

Kaskadowe tarasy

cascading terraces

© Roksana Gleizner, Agnieszka Laska

new functions of the station and the railroad line

The students decided to expand Świebodzki Station with recreational and leisure functions. These include terraces with tables, numerous shelves with low greenery, as well as foodtruck zones. A new railroad line, routed to the west of the station, makes it possible for residents of Wroclaw to access the study area.

Two buildings with medical uses - private clinics and medical stores- have been built in close proximity to the train stop. In the south of the plot there is another recreation zone, connected with islands of greenery, intended for pedestrians and people on single-track.


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