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School in Lipa Piotrowska - a student idea for an interdisciplinary educational institution in Wroclaw

19 of April '24

Wrocław, a dynamically developing city, is constantly expanding its boundaries, and with it the demand for modern, comprehensively designed residential developments is growing. One of them is Lipa Piotrowska, located in the northern part of the city. The estate is characterized by intensified residential development built in recent years, whose dominant group of residents are young families with children. Their problem, however, is the considerable distance from the center of Wroclaw, and consequently difficult access to educational and recreational facilities. To meet the needs of the new local community , Wroclaw University of Technology students Zuzanna Golębiewska and Bartosz Tenenberg created a design for a multifunctional educational facility.


building model

© Zuzanna Gołębiewska, Bartosz Tenenberg


When creating the concept for the new educational complex, the students emphasized the creation of a space conducive not only to interdisciplinary education, but also to the search for one's own identity. The priority was to create a place that facilitates social ties, integrates children and fosters communication and exchange of ideas.

As a result, an inner courtyard, similar in shape to an oval, was developed, performing the functions listed above and serving as an allegory for the creation of a community. Internal communication channeled around the atrium, indirectly refers to the circle of life - walking through life (through the corridor), new experiences (knowledge in the classrooms) are gained in turn.



© Zuzanna Golębiewska, Bartosz Tenenberg

contact with nature

Contrasting with areas focused mainly on social integration, there are separate areas for relaxation, tranquility and independent learning. These are especially important for children, growing up in a world of constant change and intense stimuli. The organic form emphasizes the important role of a close relationship between man and nature, especially important in the development process of the youngest. This gives them a chance to learn sensitivity and understanding of the world around them. The creators of the project were keen to create a space that merges with the existing surroundings, so that the block does not dominate, but is a complement to it. An important assumption was also the introduction of green elements, penetrating directly into the interiors and creating the impression of a harmonious connection with nature, hence the numerous glazings to the outer courtyard.

elewacja i przekrój

elevation and cross-section

© Zuzanna Gołębiewska, Bartosz Tenenberg

An auditorium with a system of sliding windows was located in the courtyard, providing a backdrop for numerous school performances and a lounge area. The construction using CLT wood technology and the materials used in the auditorium's finishes have a beneficial effect on the mental and physical well-being of the users.

sustainable development

The students were guided by the idea of sustainability, which manifests itself in, among other things, a thoughtful layout in relation to the world's sides, the design of a usable green roof with a high percentage of biologically active area, along with photovoltaic panels placed on it, and the use of façade fabric that limits the heating of the halls. At the same time, construction materials that provide adequate load-bearing capacity have a low carbon footprint. In addition, a dual gray water filtration system has been implemented, and containers for rainwater are provided, serving to ensure adequate irrigation of the green zones around the building.

pergola na dachu

pergola on the roof

© Zuzanna Golębiewska, Bartosz Tenenberg


The building consists of three floors with a total area of 12,500sqm. The first floor and second floor are spaces dedicated to science and all kinds of educational facilities, while the roof has been adapted for recreational purposes. The school has 20 classrooms and is envisioned as a space for about 400 students, along with teaching staff and other facility personnel. Among the array of facilities are numerous workshop rooms, a library with a multimedia area, an auditorium, play areas designed for the youngest children, and a gymnasium with a gym next door.

Communication has been solved with a central oval corridor open to the atrium and two side corridors running parallel, responsible for security. The flow between floors is via five staircases - one representative and four acting as escape staircases. The floors have been divided into 4 zones as part of fire protection. The transparency of this layout ensures the comfort of the space and affects the sense of security among the youngest. The inflow of light is guaranteed by skylights and numerous glazing systems. The multifunctionality of the rooms has been achieved through the technology of mobile partition walls, allowing modification of the rooms to suit the needs of the education system or the preferences of the users.

plan zagospodarowania terenu

site development plan

© Zuzanna Golębiewska, Bartosz Tenenberg

The complex in Lipa Piotrowska is a model of modern school infrastructure, facilitating the life of the local community and offering comprehensive support for the education process.

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