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Dominika Glab - "Man in the world of flora - a story about common nature. Artistic and educational installation"

12 of April '24
Technical data
Type: master's thesis
Year of defense: 2022
Name: "Man in the world of flora - a story of common nature. Artistic and educational installation"
Author: Dominika Głąb
University: Akademia Sztuk Pięknych we Wrocławiu
Promoter: Jacek Kos, Ph.D., Prof. of the Academy of Fine Arts.

Work submitted for the competition
"Best Interior Diploma 2022/2024".

The problem exhibition titled "Man in the world of flora - a story of shared nature. Artistic and educational installation" is a project for an exhibition space focusing on important aspects of flora, and in particular issues related to trees. The exhibition presents this topic in a wide range: from the history of trees, typology to the importance of them and wood in the history and development of many areas of material culture. The exhibition also focuses on contemporary environmental issues, with climate threats and the consequences of expansive exploitation degrading nature - nature - the ecosystem.



© Dominika Glab

Through the author's installations, I invite viewers to wander through an extraordinary space, full of organic forms of the natural world. Visitors move smoothly through successive thematic zones, where interactive and multimedia spatial installations create a unique atmosphere, and at the same time become an original medium for conveying important substantive content, defined by the exhibition scenario. Viewers become explorers of successive spaces and participants in the exhibition.

strefa 1 - wymarłe gatunki drzew

zone 1 - extinct tree species

© Dominika Glab

For me, the installation project is a space of co-presence and co-experience - building community, integration and identity, and the overriding idea is to open awareness and sensitize the viewer to the value of the nature around us.

The design of the space with an educational function is also a proposal for scientific, ecological and social events - scientific sessions, symposiums, conferences or international events of Expo rank.

strefa 2 - instalacja, pierwsze przedmioty z drewna

zone 2 - installation, first objects made of wood

© Dominika Glab

The proposed installations address the subject of environmental degradation and forms of protection, including in Lower Silesia, which is one of the most valuable natural areas, rich in species that are rare or found in Poland only in this province. Effective protection of the natural environment depends on the level of public knowledge and involvement in specific activities. In order to reach a larger number of people, emphasis should be placed on proper education, using modern methods and tools, so my project is aimed at cities open to innovative solutions.

strefa 3 - hologramy

zone 3 - holograms

© Dominika Glab

As an example, I chose Wroclaw, a city distinguished by its pace of development and openness to change. Higher education institutions attract students from different parts of Poland, as well as from abroad - this is a good opportunity to sensitize people to the aspect of caring for common nature and the comfort of life of city residents in an unconventional way.

strefa 4 - kręgi świetlne

zone 4 - circles of light

© Dominika Glab

Since the exhibition is designed for large exhibition spaces, it fits perfectly into the architecture of the Feature Film Studio Pavilion or the Centennial Hall, along with the surrounding corridor, which could accommodate large-size tents. The installation can also be adapted to other exhibition spaces to sensitize the public to the problem of environmental degradation on a global scale.



© Dominika Glab

Dominika Glab

Illustrations: © Author

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