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Architecture friendly to the youngest. Design of a kindergarten with a nursery in Nagodzice.

14 of September '21

A kindergarten with a nursery in the Lower Silesian village of Nagodzice is a proposal by Ewa Al Nachef and Anna Wancel, students of the Wrocław University of Technology. Their project is a child-friendly single-story building with a courtyard and a rain garden inscribed in the surroundings and taking advantage of the plot's advantages.

The project was carried out during the fourth semester of their studies in architecture and urban planning as part of a course titled Design of basic village services, under the direction of Dr. Grazyna Hryncewicz-Lamber.

Nagodzice is a small village located in the valley of the Klodzko Basin, surrounded by low mountains, with a river flowing along the road. One of us was already familiar with Nagodzice, having developed it for rural design in her third semester of study. This involved direct contact with the residents, so we learned about their needs, concerns and a general view of the village where they live and the surrounding area, the students say.

Skośne dachy
inspirowane są pobliskimi górami

The authors opted for natural materials: wood on the facade and a shingled roof

© Ewa Al Nachef, Anna Wancel

integration with the surroundings

When working on the building, the authors focused on making the structure an integral part of the surroundings. When creating the shape of the roof, they took inspiration from the peaks of nearby mountains. They covered the facades with wood, and the kindergarten's roof was made of shingles, a direct reference to the surrounding buildings. The students were also concerned with maximizing the spatial potential of the plot, as well as the proper location and lighting of the building's rooms. The spaces of the kindergarten were functionally located and illuminated, among other things, by introducing glazing in the roofs.

With the youngest users in mind, we decided to introduce delicate color accents - colorful wooden panels, which also serve a shielding function, as well as multicolored paths and play areas for children. Such a treatment, in our opinion, has a positive impact on the perception of the place and on the mood of the users," the authors add.

Przedszkole ze
żłobkiem w Nagodzicach, plan zagospodarowania terenu PL:

The kindergarten is a one-story building with an inner courtyard

© Ewa Al Nachef, Anna Wancel

one-story building with atrium

Following the shape of the plot, the authors opted for the design of an atrial building with a courtyard. They did not want to create a completely enclosed form, hence the visible cutout in the front part of the building. This created a rain garden that can be used by both older and younger children. Wooden panels overgrown with greenery were used there, effectively separating this space from the nearby road. The architects chose a lightweight, skeletal structure with a roof based on lattice trusses. The complicated form of the roof slopes required support by pillars in some places, but the numerous glazings make the building, despite its considerable area, appear visually light.

Przedszkole ze
żłobkiem w Nagodzicach, przekrój

The kindergarten was made in a skeletal structure with a roof based on lattice trusses

© Ewa Al Nachef, Anna Wancel

Accessibility and communication for people with disabilities is also a very important issue. There are two adapted parking spaces located near the entrance throughout. The building is one-story, and all interior spaces, door widths and corridors are adapted to the needs of all user groups.

Elewacje pokrywa
drewno a dach wykonany został z gontu

The authors decided to introduce color accents

© Ewa Al Nachef, Anna Wancel

Kindergarten and nursery under one roof

The architects combined the functions of the nursery and kindergarten in such a way that their operation would not be inconvenient for either user group. Thus, two wings were created - the nursery part and the kindergarten part, which are connected by the previously mentioned rain garden. All rooms are located on the south, east, or southeast side, which provides adequate light at all times of the day.

Przedszkole ze żłobkiem
w Nagodzicach, rzut

The building is divided into two wings: a kindergarten and a nursery school

© Ewa Al Nachef, Anna Wancel

The building has two separate entrances - one belonging to the kindergarten and the other to the nursery. There is a stroller room and toilets at the entrance. A spacious, open hall with seating is where children are picked up. From the hall one can go to the administrative rooms, the children's locker room and the common room, which serves as both a common room for play and a meeting place for parents. Moving along the corridor deeper into the building, one reaches a spacious dining room and preschool classrooms. Each of them is equipped with an auxiliary room and toilets.

Thekitchen area has a separate entrance. There are storerooms, a cold room, a boiler room, a staff room with a bathroom, and a kitchen with a back room and associated facilities. On the other side is a nursery section consisting of two rooms for older children and one room for younger children. In this part there is also a dairy kitchen - where parents can leave meals for their kids.

z placem zabaw

The courtyard serves as a playground

© Ewa Al Nachef, Anna Wancel

playground in the courtyard

The courtyard serves as a playground. It is partially covered by an overhanging roof slope - supported by poles and wooden panels. There are children's toys, sandboxes, platforms integrated into the ground and water tanks, which are also responsible for water retention. Designed by female students, the facility is not high, so the courtyard is well-lit, which increases the comfort of its use. A sensory playground for older children was created on the north side. In addition to play areas integrated into the ground to stimulate creativity, there is also a water reservoir and a garden where children can plant and grow their own plants. Importantly, each preschool room has been equipped with a separate door that leads directly to this space.

Przedszkole ze
żłobkiem w Nagodzicach, elewacja zachodnia

Western elevation of the designed building

© Ewa Al Nachef, Anna Wancel

The kindergarten is the first place where we come into contact with a larger group of people, establish our first relationships, and learn to communicate. We also spend a lot of time there without parents/guardians. A kindergarten should be a welcoming place - both visually and in terms of use. That's where we have our first memories of independence. We hope we have created just such a friendly space," the authors conclude.

Read also about the design of the kindergarten in Krzanowice, by Maciej Szweda, a student at Opole University of Technology.

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