PLEX table

11 of September '21

PLEX table

Plex is a compact table that is suitable for conference rooms, as well as offices and open spaces. It will prove useful during meetings, as well as workshops or training sessions. The folding system allows one person to maneuver the table. When folded, the width of the table is only 50 centimeters, so it can be easily moved through doors or transported by elevator, as well as stored in small spaces.

Plex is equipped with a mechanism that prevents the user's hands from getting jammed during unfolding and folding. The .mdd table is available in three shapes: rectangular, rectangular with rounded corners, and barrel-shaped. In addition, there is a choice of three finishes from which the table top can be made: melamine board, nano-tech Fenix laminate, which is characterized by increased scratch and friction resistance, as well as a dry-erase board that gives the possibility to create notes on the table. Universal design and monochromatic colors of the table make it harmonize with the leading style of the room, creating a stylistically consistent arrangement.

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