Fencing systems

11 of September '21

WIŚNIOWSKI fencing systems

WIŚNIOWSKI fencing systems mean functionality, safety, interesting design and durability for years. You can choose from seven diversified design collections that will make it easy to match your fence to an environment designed in any style. All elements are part of the system, which, based on the principle of modules, can be freely composed, depending on your preferences or the shape of the terrain. The system includes: double-leaf and sliding gates, wickets, segments and posts. It can also equip its fence with a Multibox multifunctional post with built-in letterbox and electronic access control systems.

Wiśniowski company offers fences: Premium, Style, Lux, Classic, Vario and Modern.

Fences Modern - The Modern system is a modern collection that will emphasize the character of the property, as well as provide its residents with security and privacy. The filling of the fence, in addition to elements of steel sections, are perforated metal sheets and elements of welded mesh. The system includes segments, posts, gates and wickets, as well as a multifunctional Multi Box post, which gives the possibility to build in a letterbox, install a code keypad or place the property number or other applications personalizing the plot.

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