Aleksandra Kubiak

A first-year master's student at Delft University of Technology. In 2018, she won a student award in the international "Great Kemeri Bog Visitor Center" competition organized by Bee Breeders. In 2019, she won a special mention in the international competition "Peace Pavilion" organized by Kaira Looro and the title of finalist in the international competition "Rural School in Haiti" organized by ARCHsharing. In 2020, she won an honorable mention in the international "Site Monastery" competition organized by ARKxSITE. She did her professional internship at JEMS Architects. After graduating from the Warsaw University of Technology, she worked for a year at the office design initiative.

Architektura & Biznes – articles

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Glass lighting installations in interiors
Visbud - Project composite reinforcement of concrete and masonry structures