Aleksandra Niewczas-Marek

My name is Alexandra, I'm 28 years old and I've just graduated from the College of Ecology and Management with an interior design degree.

I've been modeling for most of my life, so after graduating from high school I took a break for a few years, during which I traveled the world a lot, which I consider one of the best experiences in my life, having a big impact on how I perceive the world, and on my sense of aesthetics and style.

I am a person, open-minded, who finds it easy to make new friends.
I am interested in art, history of design, architecture and fashion.

I have been a newlywed mom to my 13-month-old daughter Gabrysia for over a year now, and it was with her that I finished school. During the last semester she was with me in my belly, during the last session she was less than a month old, and at the defense she supported me together with my husband ! Motherhood is something beautiful and certainly gives me a lot of strength to act and follow my dreams - namely interior design!

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