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Classics and good design. Timeless interior of an apartment in Warsaw's Mokotow district

25 of April '23
Technical data
Name: Apartment of a young couple in Mokotow
Location: Poland, Warsaw
Studio: Interroom.Studio
Architect: Aleskandra Niewczas-Marek
Investor: private
Area: 95 m²
Photos: Bartosz Jakubowski


  • design
  • implementation


We are taken to Warsaw's Mokotow district by young interior designer Aleksandra Niewczas-Marek of Interroom.Studio, where the apartment she designed for Gabrysia and Milosz is located. The couple met while studying in London, and were brought together by their love of fashion, Italy, New York and.... dachshunds! Their new apartment was to be a timeless space in muted colors, which could easily be enlivened with various accessories.

I have known Gabrysia and Milosz for some time now. Our cooperation was very smooth and pleasant. They have been wonderful clients. At the beginning, they approached me with some inspirations and guidelines for the project, for example, the apartment was to have a large closet, a natural color palette or a floral mosaic in the bathroom. As a result, I knew how to design next. All ideas and suggestions almost immediately appealed to the investors, which made me very happy with my work," says Alexandra.

Centrum mieszkania stanowi salon z jadalnią

The center of the apartment is the living room with dining room

Photo: Bartosz Jakubowski © Interroom.Studio

natural, timeless colors

The entire apartment was laid with oak, gently whitewashed herringbone parquet, which serves as a background for the arrangement. The investors also wanted the interior to be easily enlivened with paintings, carpets, vases or flowers.

W holu znajduje się duże lustro w czarnej ramie W przestrzeni jadalni znajduje się duży drewniany stół i kryształowy żyrandol

Herringbone parquet flooring was laid throughout the apartment

Photo: Bartosz Jakubowski © Interroom.Studio

After crossing the threshold, in the lobby we are greeted by a large mirror in a black and white custom-made frame juxtaposed with a black console made of wood and a white woolen chair. The main room in the apartment is the living room connected to the kitchen and dining room—a place where residents spend mornings together and evenings with friends. To accommodate everyone, the architect opted for a large, comfortable sofa and a long dining table of more than two meters, which can comfortably seat up to eight people.

Salon to miejsce spotkań Uwagę przyciąga nietypowa rama lustra

The author tried to create a timeless interior

Photo: Bartosz Jakubowski © Interroom.Studio

I choose materials and textures intuitively, always betting on nature. I can confidently say that I have a strong sense of aesthetics, moreover, I love eclecticism and it has always appeared in my designs. For example, just above the large oak dining table and modern chairs with Viennese plaid, a beautiful vintage crystal chandelier found its place, which immediately caught my eye. The main focus of this project was to create a timeless, classic and warm interior, which would not become tiresome or boring or overwhelming in its design, the designer adds.

Kuchnia utrzymana jest w klasycznym stylu  Fronty kuchenne są frezowane

The kitchen is kept in a classic style

Photo: Bartosz Jakubowski © Interroom.Studio

classics in the kitchen

The kitchen is arranged in the letter L and is also kept in light shades, blending into the overall decor. Its classic style is highlighted by milled fronts, a ceramic farmhouse sink and a faucet. Between the cabinets, the architect laid tiles with a glossy and differently colored surface. The white countertop with thin veins and pedestal was made of sintering.

Sypialnia z garderobą Szafki nocne wykonane są z drzewa mangowca

In the bedroom, mangrove bedside cabinets catch the eye

Photo: Bartosz Jakubowski © Interroom.Studio

bedroom with closet

The bedroom is a place for rest and tranquility. This is helped by a large, comfortable upholstered bed with a headboard and linen sheets. Next to it are raw mangrove bedside tables with interesting shaped lamps. The bedroom also has a dressing table and a Polish-brand chair, standing right in front of the openwork door to the dressing room. For the closet the designer allocated, a whole one room, as the owners, who love fashion, have a sizable collection of clothes. The closet can also store household items such as an ironing board, clothes dryer, iron or mop.

Na podłodze w łazience płytki układają się we wzór kwiatów  Mosiężne elementy w łazience zostały wykonane na zamówienie

Bathroom with distinctive mosaic and brass elements

Photo: Bartosz Jakubowski © Interroom.Studio

new york style in the bathroom

The bathroom and toilet, on the other hand, were modeled on the classic New York style. White square tiles, dark grout, brass fixtures. Here the most important accent is the floors—in the bathroom black and white mosaic arranged in a pattern of flowers, and in the toilet interspersed with black dots.

The biggest challenge? Fitting in a rather small toilet: a toilet, bidet set, sink and built-in washing machine, I think the whole thing came out really well and functional. One of the clients' requirements was a shower and bathtub set and a free-standing bathtub—and here again I had to face the functionality of such a solution. Due to the small width of the bathroom, I proposed a semi-freestanding bathtub, to which I added a custom-made brass shower rim and curtain and an additional floor drain. I installed beautiful brass sconces on either side of the mirror. Considering that this is my first project with a professional photo shoot, which was done by my talented aunt's brother Bartosz Jakubowski, I'm proud of the result and meeting the clients' expectations," says Aleksandra Niewczas-Marek.

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