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Tropical breeze in Warsaw's Praga district

21 of August '23

WZ Studio once again takes us on an exotic journey through Warsaw. Ada Skwira and Malgorzata Liebhart designed an apartment in Praga for an unusual client who works in the capital and in her free time indulges her passion for travel. On an area of 90 sqm, they created an open, subdued space, inspired by boho styling with accents of olive green, a shade inspired by leaves brought from a walk.

The main goal of the project was to create a space that would be a refuge and a place of rest for the investor, who leads an active lifestyle, reminding her of her travels.

apartament na warszawskiej Pradze

apartment in Warsaw's Praga district

photo: © Pion Poziom

We wanted the space to be open and friendly, and for the client's daily life to be as comfortable and unrestricted as possible, the designers emphasize.

A story of a certain color

Against the background of the apartment's delicate and subdued base, the kitchen in muted, olive tones draws attention.

apartament na warszawskiej Pradze

An apartment in Warsaw's Praga district

Photo: © Pion Poziom

The owner was very keen on a green kitchen. However, choosing the right color was a challenge. One day she brought to our studio leaves she had collected, which became the inspiration for the dominant hue in the apartment," reveal Ada Skwira and Malgorzata Liebhart of WZ Studio.

Living room a meeting place in elegant surroundings

From the kitchen we move to the living room, where a large and comfortable sofa draws attention. The travel lover often invites her friends over, so such a piece of furniture is a great solution to foster joint evening integration. The floor from Jawor Parquet laid in a classic herringbone pattern, together with a cream carpet by Carpets&More, give the room a classic and elegant chic feel. Numerous movie screenings and a show of photos from exotic expeditions will be possible thanks to the Samsung The Frame TV, which is the focal point of the room.

apartament na warszawskiej Pradze

apartment in Warsaw's Praga district

Photo: © Pion Level

Disadvantage a new advantage

Another eye-catching element is the massive pillar, which was a very unsightly structural element planned by the developer's design department. The architects decided to clad it with veneer. This simple procedure allowed to transform the shortcoming into an interesting decoration and an original asset of the entire interior.

Oriental SPA at home

The bathroom is a private oasis of tranquility, a portal to exotic memories of the owner's numerous trips. An intriguing detail of the room are the distinctive lamps suspended above the bathtub. Placing a pendant fixture in such a place was possible, thanks to WZ Studio's use of the Calypso model of the Italian brand Cotardi with increased tightness. The extravagant accessories create a twist of sorts with the Silestone Miami White cladding from Cosentino, a material that WZ Studio also likes to use in other projects.

apartament na warszawskiej Pradze

apartment in Warsaw's Praga district

photo: © Pion Level

Natural materials play first fiddle in creating the unique atmosphere of this Prague apartment. The architects opted for oak veneers, linen, cotton, and rattan furniture finishes. Some of the walls were covered with rough gypsum plaster, which contrasts with the smooth wood to create a unique character of the interior.

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