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Sensuality and consistency. Interiors in Gdansk Oliwa designed by PB/STUDIO.

07 of December '22

Architecture can affect many senses. A thoughtful choice of textures or materials of varying temperatures allows the space to be experienced through touch. This was taken care of with great care by architects from the Sopot-based studio PB/STUDIO, creating intimate interiors of common areas in the Opacka apartment complex in Gdansk Oliwa.

stylowe wnętrza w apartamentowcu Opacka w Gdańsku

Stylish interiors in the Opacka apartment building in Gdansk

Photo: ONI Studio

Ola Kloc
: The apartments are located in Gdansk Oliwa, did this environment and its climate somehow influence your vision of the interiors?

Jakub Piórkowski (PB/STUDIO): We wanted the interiors to correspond with the characteristic surroundings and relate to them in a modern way. However, we don't show the climate of old Oliva literally, we try to act subtly, referring to the color palette, textures and craftsmanship evident in the details. The dominant browns and ochres in the interiors set in warm grays and the distinct textures of the materials are the essence we extracted from the historic district and translated into a contemporary design language. We built a visual language based on a palette of high-end materials such as stone, copper, dark walnut wood and patterned glass.

stylowy stół bilardowy detal regału

interior details

Photo: ONI Studio

: The interior is full of various textures - what influenced such a selection of them and what effect did you want to achieve with them?

James: We try to make sure that the designed spaces can also be "felt" through touch, hence the varied textures - from the satin finish of stone and soft fabrics to the heavily raw, grainy structures of wood or concrete. The zone where this can best be felt is the spa - in addition to the physical touch and feel of the materials, light refracts beautifully on the textured surfaces. The second aspect is again a reference to the climate of old Oliva, full of the textures of old facades and cobblestone streets.

przestrzenie zaproponowane przez architektów są spójne i eleganckie detale wnętrza

The spaces proposed by the architects are coherent and elegant

photo: ONI Studio

: The spaces are extremely cohesive - even the gym fits in with the style of the other common areas of the apartment complex. Tell us, please, a little more about the materials and colors used in the project?

James: The material and color palette, as I mentioned, is largely inspired by the surroundings of the entire establishment. We also wanted to age the materials in an appropriate way, hence the extensive use of copper, which is a very elegant material, and with time it covers itself with patina and takes on a beautiful aged character. Opacka is a premium boutique development and in such spaces we leave no room for chance. All interiors are designed consistently and to the smallest detail, which translates into the highest comfort for users.



Photo: ONI Studio

: For this project, you collaborated with Aleksandra Jozefow, a Gdansk-based artist who created unique sculptures specifically for this space - does designing to include artwork come with additional challenges? What should you pay special attention to?

Jakub: Yes, we collaborated when the project was still in its preliminary stages, and this allowed us to think through exactly what we wanted to display and how. The works that Ola created are, on the one hand, very subtle, but on the other hand, these forms are strong accents in interiors, and require adequate space and lighting to view them. I think that by working together we were able to build a great effect.

jedna z przestrzeni wspólnych zespołu apartamentów Opacka

One of the common spaces of the Opacka apartment complex

Photo: ONI Studio

: What was the biggest challenge in this project, and what are you most satisfied with?

Jakub: One of the biggest challenges, in terms of technology, was the execution of the walls in textured architectural concrete with exposed aggregate, with a very pronounced rough texture. The visible effect required the fine-tuning of a custom mix with specially imported basalt aggregate and many on-site trials. The exposed walls highlight the original fabric of the building and, together with other materials, create a unique juxtaposition of the raw and the elegant. The contact between the textured concrete and stone or wood was carefully worked out in many individual details. The concrete walls were poured while the building's shell was still under construction, and required a huge commitment from the entire team working on the project.

chropowate ściany są efektem wielu prób na budowie światło dodatkowo podkreśla fakturę ścian

The rough walls are the result of many trials at the construction site

Photo: ONI Studio

Ola: Thank you for the interview.

Ola Kloc

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