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Contemporary functionality and retro design. An apartment in Poznan's Srodka

10 of January '23

We take a look at Poznań's Śródka district, where there is an apartment designed by Agata Popieluch. Its owners wanted a practical interior, suited to their active lifestyle, but emphasizing their love of literature. So the architect combined modern functionality with design from the previous century.

W całym mieszkaniu na podłodze ułożony jest dębowy parkiet

The center of the apartment is an open living room with a dining room

photo: MIGDAŁ studio © Agata Popieluch Studio

changes, changes

The presented apartment is eighty square meters, but its original layout, in order to suit the investors, underwent considerable changes.

Wnętrze mieszkania na poznańskiej Śródce, aksonometria Rzut mieszkania

The architect made quite a few changes in the layout of the walls

© Agata Popieluch Studio

Adapting the developer's original proposal to suit the needs of future residents required quite a few changes to the apartment's wall layout. I replaced two long, narrow rooms with one larger bedroom and an open work space. I enlarged the toilet space to accommodate a bathtub, so that each of the household members gained their own independent bathroom. I also moved the entrance to the guest room, which made it possible to set up a convenient recess for a washing machine," says Agata Popieluch about the design work.

Fornirowane, frezowane fronty Barek ze szkłem

Viennese braid and ornamental glass refer to the retro style

Photo: MIGDAŁ studio © Agata Popieluch Studio

retro accent

The heart of the apartment is an open living room with a dining room - the centrally positioned table alludes in its layout to the kitchen built-in placed in the alcove and the wine bar standing on the opposite side.

Veneered, milled fronts of lower kitchen cabinets in caramel color, the architect juxtaposed with simple beige fronts of upper cabinets, marble countertop and wall and white appliances.

The light oak table, the chrome elements of the chairs and furniture handles, the Viennese pla id and the ornamental glass used to finish the built-in bar define the retro style assumed by the owners , the designer says.

Zielony pokój gościnny Niebieska ściana tworzy mocny akcent w sypialni

Color accents are the walls in the guest room and bedroom

Photo: MIGDAŁ studio © Agata Popieluch Studio

a game of contrasts

The character of the interiors is also built by color contrasts. Subdued earth tones, white, wooden finishes and natural materials were juxtaposed by the author with intense colors. The walls of the bedroom and guest room, in shades of blue and green, create strong accents in the apartment. They are alluded to by accessories in the living room - a painting by Małgorzata Łodygowska and blue pillows. The living room, kitchen and corridors were left subdued by the architect. She combined the oak parquet laid in a classic herringbone pattern with gray tiles with a fine terrazzo pattern and delicate beige on the walls.

Wnętrze łazienki Wnętrze łazienki

The apartment has two bathrooms

Photo: MIGDAŁ studio © Agata Popieluch Studio

The bathrooms are different from each other, but they are united by the use of white tiles, round shapes and black and white details. In the first bathroom, the floor is decorated with a mosaic in the form of corsets, while the walls are decorated with vertical tile-bricks. To them, the author selected gold brushed fixtures. In the second bathroom, white square ceramic tiles are highlighted with black grout and accessories.

 Ważnym elementem są regały z książkami Wnętrze biura domowego

Books are found in practically every room

Photo: MIGDAŁ studio © Agata Popieluch Studio

books and more books

An important aspect of the project was to create places to store a sizable collection of literature. To this end, in addition to the custom-made bookcases placed in the living room, office area and hallway, the designer placed an additional recess for books above each of the closets for clothes and sports equipment.

Salon w poznańskim mieszkaniu Grafiki na ścianach

The interiors refer to the retro style

Photo: MIGDAŁ studio © Agata Popieluch Studio

The entire apartment was furnished with comfortable and functional Polish design. There is a handmade wooden desk, a cabinet for the sink, a chest of drawers and bedside tables styled in the 1960s. The arrangement is complemented by a design classic - armchair 366 designed by Józef Chierowski, here in orange. Plants, graphics and numerous accessories also add to the coziness of the interior.

elaboration: Dobrawa Bies

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