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The restaurant through which the wave is passing

10 of January '23

Is it possible to combine glamour with industrial style? How can completely different in their nature styles combine into one? The OT.Warta restaurant in Poznań tries to combine these elements. The interior design was created by the design studio mode:lina.

eklektyczne wnętrze można uznać za połączeniem elementów stylu industrialnego z glamour.

The eclectic interior can be considered a combination of elements of industrial and glamour style.

photo by Patryk Lewinski | © mode:lina

The River Baths were restored a few years ago by the city, as mentioned by Kuba Glaz in his article on the development of the banks of the Warta River. It is in this building that a restaurant designed by the {tag:pracownie} studio is located. The very name of the establishment, OT.Warta, indicates inspiration from the river's external surroundings. What do we find in the interior?

W części przestrzeni króluje nie szarość, lecz drewno

Part of the space is dominated not by gray, but by wood

photo by Patryk Lewinski | © mode:lina


The eclectic interior can be considered a combination of elements of industrial style and glamour. The concrete used on the floor, which stands out in the space, contrasts with glossy countertops and plafond-like circular lamps. Equally contrasting is the rattan used in the chair backs. The narrow space of the interior is increased optically by mirrors in round shapes. Raw forms appear here alternately with shiny ones. Completely different is the part of the restaurant composed of wooden blind arcades, in which glass and plants are placed.

Obłe lustra powiększają optycznie wnętrze

Oblique mirrors optically enlarge the interior

photo by Patryk Lewinski | © mode:lina


A motif that certainly stands out in OT.Worthy is the wall on which mirrors and spherical lamps have been hung, which are an important source of light in this space. The fiber-cement walls create the effect of watery waves that stretch harmoniously through the entire length of the premises. This is an obvious reference to the restaurant's immediate surroundings - the Warta River. The waves combined with the spherical lamps give the space a dynamic feel.

Na falowanych ścianach źródłem światła są kuliste lampy

On the wavy walls, spherical lamps are the source of light

photo by Patryk Lewinski | © mode:lina


The color scheme of the bar focuses primarily on soft grays, which are given by the curtains, the concrete floor or the wavy wall. Shades of gray are contrasted here primarily with soft brown, used for upholstery and upholstery, or light wood color used in the furnishings. An occasional color is green concentrated in less prominent areas of the restaurant.

The general colors and textures selected for this space allude with their atmosphere to the Warta River flowing behind the windows. In turn, the selection of accessories and details is a nod to the pre-war spirit in a modern edition, full of good style," points out describing the project Anna Kazecka-Włodarczyk, chief designer from the mode:lina™ studio.

W kilku miejscach znajdziemy obok szarości i drewna również zieleń

In several places you will find greenery in addition to gray and wood

photo by Patryk Lewinski | © mode:lina


The bar set opposite the entrance is completely different. The rounded form has been brought out quite differently from the rest of the premises. The lower part of the bar was kept in black tones with golden borders. The bar was roofed with gold-colored perforated metal, which was also used for the ceiling lights that stretch the entire length of the bar. The gold color scheme dominates the upper part of the bar, combining with the black base. The effect is completed by the black hockers, which, also like the rest of the chairs in the restaurant, use rattan.

Czarno-złoty bar wyróżnia się na tle odcieni szarości dominujących w restauracji

The black and gold bar stands out against the shades of gray dominating the restaurant

photo by Patryk Lewinski | © mode:lina

combining the differences

The combination of raw concrete and industrial elements with flashy interior fragments closer to glamour style solutions may arouse dissonance at first glance. The atmosphere of the premises, perhaps primarily due to the atmospheric lighting, creates a calm, relaxed atmosphere of the establishment without unnecessary splendor.

OT:Warta - detal

OT:Warta - detail

photo: Patryk Lewinski | © mode:lina

compiled by Wiktor Bochenek

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