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Deep blue and respect for the past - a project by the mode:lina studio

08 of January '24
Technical data
Design team: Paweł Garus, Jerzy Woźniak, Kinga Kin, Anna Kazecka-Włodarczyk
Location: Poznań
Area: 150 m2

On the territories of our cities there are places that with age grow into a local cult. Very often interference with their substance is fraught with the risk of destroying the atmosphere, although as the realization of the mode:lina studio shows - it is possible to preserve the unique character by refreshing the decor.

Poznan's Blue Note club started its activity in 1998, from the beginning focusing on creating a place for musicians playing Jazz. The interior was to implement new solutions while preserving character.

The opportunity to work on the renovation of a local, iconic place for us was not only a pleasure, but also an honor," indicated Kinga Kin, designer and author of the project from the mode:lina™ studio.

istotnym elementem metamorfozy była poprawa akustyki wnętrza

An important element of the metamorphosis was the improvement of the interior acoustics

photo: Patryk Lewiński | © mode:lina

save from oblivion

Blue Note was not carte blanche for the designers. Many elements of the interior, including the bars or balustrades designed and made by Poznan artist Adam Garnek, are integral to the bar, so they were not replaced.

poznański klub Blue Note przeszedł metamorfozę

Poznan's Blue Note club has undergone a metamorphosis

photo: Patryk Lewinski | © mode:lina

The preservation of design elements is also evident through the use of photographs from concerts in a completely new look. The refreshed interior adaptation relies on using the photos as a gallery located at the height of the heads of people passing through the club. In this way, elements from Blue Note's previous arrangement have found their way into a modernized version of the venue.

w nowej aranżacji na nowo wykorzystano zdjęcia z wydarzeń, które odbywały się w Blue Note

The new arrangement reused photos from events that took place at Blue Note

photo: Patryk Lewinski | © mode:lina

navy blue refresh

So what has been changed in the venue's new look? First of all, the focus was on improving the acoustics on the club's stage - special acoustic coatings were used on the ceiling along with curtains right behind the stage.

za nowy projekt Blue Note odpowiada pracownia mode:lina

The mode:lina studio is responsible for the new Blue Note project

Photo: Patryk Lewinski | © mode:lina

The arrangement uses a uniform color scheme based on deep navy blue hues achieved by LED lighting. These colors were obtained by soft backlighting, applied in decorative typography. In addition, the interiors are illuminated with soft white light from the ceiling to complement the Jazz character. The deep navy blue complements the dominant black colors seen on the walls, which are also broken by wooden laths.

na ścianach zdecydowano się na czarne i drewniane lamele

Black and wooden laths were decided on the walls

Photo: Patryk Lewinski | © mode:rope

[...] The heart of Blue Note will invariably remain jazz, but we also want to invite artists who work around this genre and will bring new energy to the club. Therefore, in the near future there will also be concerts with funk, groove or soul music," announces Krzysztof Wawrzyniak, the club's new co-owner.

wiele elementów wcześniejszego wystroju zostało zachowane

Many elements of the previous decor have been preserved

photo: Patryk Lewinski | © mode:lina

The most important thing, however, remained preserving the character of the place while modernizing this space. Creating a fusion that would not discourage regulars, while at the same time attracting new ones. Blue Note shows an interesting example of creating the new without obliterating the old.

nowe połączenia miały nie zniechęcić stałych bywalców, a jednocześnie pozwolić na pozyskanie nowych

The new mergers were not to discourage the regulars, while allowing to attract new ones

photo: Patryk Lewinski | © mode:rope

compiled by Wiktor Bochenek

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