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Brać – interior design of the mode:lina studio

31 of August '23

Praga Port, Warsaw. It was here, on the right bank of the Vistula River, that the three partners — two Marcin and Dominik — opened Brać, a bar celebrating spirits from Polish vineyards. They entrusted the interior design of the "brothers" to a team from the mode:lina studio in Poznań, consisting of: Paweł Garus, Jerzy Woźniak and Kinga Kin.

wnętrze zdobią czarno-białe ilustracje autorstwa Kamila Lacha

The interior is decorated with black and white illustrations by Kamil Lach

photo: Patryk Lewiński

There is something thoroughly Polish about this interior, and it's not just about the giant neon sign in the shape of the extremely resonant letter "Ć". Glass bricks, furniture, chandeliers reminiscent of those that used to hang in the long corridors of the old Polish schools. You can feel the positive sentiment in it, nostalgia with a slight wink, retro atmosphere, but also a lot of playfulness in playing with colors and forms.

luksfery i meblościanka tworzą domowy klimat wnętrza

glass bricks and a wall unit create a homely atmosphere in the interior

photo: Patryk Lewiński

In the interior of the new Warsaw wine bar, you will discover the wine experience in a stylish interior filled exclusively with Polish furniture — says Kinga Kin, chief designer, who was responsible for the concept of the arrangement.

The bright 150-square-meter establishment is enveloped by light arriving from various points — pink and red neon lights, the aforementioned hanging lamps and wall-mounted sconces made from crystal ashtrays from Polish glassworks.

projektanci wykorzystali kolor żółty dla podkreślenia urządzeń technicznych, sufitu, elementów mebli czy konstrukcji nad barem

The designers used the color yellow to highlight technical equipment, the ceiling, furniture elements or the structure over the bar

photo: Patryk Lewiński

Another element creating the space are strong color accents — yellow is definitely the dominant color here, which the designers used to emphasize technical equipment (ventilation system), the ceiling, furniture elements or the structure over the bar.

The whole is tied together by cartoonish, black-and-white illustrations by Kamil Lach, appearing in various nooks and crannies of the interior, as well as stylish furniture, which has reigned in Polish homes since the 60s and 70s.

bar Brać        detale wnętrza

interior details

Photo: Patryk Lewiński

A furniture cabinet with a bar, ubiquitous plants in pots and a colorful rug lying under the table create a cozy, homey atmosphere in the interior. After all, we are visiting the Brothers (Brać)!

elaborated: Ola Kloc

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