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Home set design. Metamorphosis of the breakfast TV studio designed by Jan Sikora

20 of September '23

We have seen more than once that Jan Sikora likes to experiment when creating space arrangements  suffice it to mention the austere walls in the building of the former Pump Factory in Leszno, the additions to the walls made of popular blocks in POP in Diner & Bar in Gdynia or the insulation mat decorating the interior in Sylwia Gaczorek's hair salon in Warsaw. This time, the interior architect was tasked with creating a setting with something completely different happening in the background every day.

Breakfast television accompanies many during the morning grind, its entertaining and informative nature and the spontaneity of live programs can give viewers the feeling that what's happening on the other side of the screen is happening right next door. The impression of being "next door" is enhanced by the arrangement of the studio space, reminiscent of a cozy apartment interior.

The task faced by Jan Sikora and the studio Sikora Wnętrza Architektura was a total metamorphosis of the television studio, from which the morning program is broadcast every day. So the first step was to strip the 400-square-meter interior of its previous layers and divisions and start from scratch.

The theme was to be the loft space liked by the designer, a modern and spacious interior with a view of the Warsaw skyline. In addition to the main studio space, which is what viewers watch most often, the major overhaul also involved the kitchen, an acoustically separated makeup area, a mobile stage, a new news corner and areas located on other floors, including a cafeteria.

The heart of the program is the interview space, which is two, curved sofas in two warm colors (beige and yellow) on which the presenters meet with invited guests.

sercem wnętrza są dwie, wygięte w łuk kanapy

The heart of the interior are two, arched sofas

Photo: Tom Kurek | AQForm

The shape of the sofas somehow determines other forms of furniture in the interior the space is filled with softly spun tables and accessories kept in natural colors. Exposure of dishes prepared in the kitchen is facilitated by a slightly curled island. The architect also took care of the details, such as the muntins in the windows, which add a loft character, and interesting solutions here an example is the author's table with electronic memory of settings, the height of which can be adjusted to current needs. This project, as the architect emphasizes, is a stage machine everything in it is mobile and modular.

blat kuchni zaprojektowany tak, aby lepiej eksponować potrawy

Kitchen countertop designed to better display dishes

Photo: Tom Kurek | AQForm

We also took a similar approach to the movable and mobile muntins in the windows, which can be easily removed to insert filters, which are important for working with light and camera work. The main stage is also mobile and allows the studio to be rearranged in 10 minutes. There are many more of these solutions also on the acoustic or lighting level explains the designer.

żółty stół z elektroniczną pamięcią ustawień, którego wysokość można dopasowywać do aktualnych potrzeb

Yellow table with electronic memory of settings, the height of which can be adjusted to current needs

Photo: Tom Kurek | AQForm

How does designing this type of set design differ from other arrangements?

The physical space of the studio and what we see on camera are two different realities. Also surprising is the fact that the materials must have a higher resistance, because working on the set is a dynamic work of the whole crew here everything must be thought out and work like a Swiss watch. The place for camera movement, the departure for the cameramen, the lighting setup, filters and opacity are just a few of the key aspects that have to blend perfectly — explains Jan Sikora.

elaborated: Ola Kloc

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