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"Simplicity? Yes, but of the highest quality." Interiors of a law firm in Krakow

18 of May '23
Technical data
Name: Interior of a law office in Krakow
Investor: private
Location: Poland, Krakow
Studio: The Line Studio
Architects: Dominika Guca-Krawczyk, Magda Załoga
Photos: Martyna Rudnicka
Area: approx. 100 m²
Implementation: 2023

We take a look at a law office in Krakow, which Dominika Guca-Krawczyk and Magdalena Załoga of The Line Studio are responsible for designing. The architects combined the historic interiors of the townhouse with functionality and classic style, emphasizing high-quality materials, finishes, design and Polish art.

The Krakow law firm occupies an area of one hundred square meters, and its amphitheater-style rooms feature ceilings more than four meters high. The majestic character is added by the palace's oak mosaic, which decorates the floors, while the woodwork and window frames remind us of the historical value of the building.

Recepcję ozdabia drzeworyt Marty WojtuszekStolik z marmurowym, obłym blatem w recepcji

Oak palace mosaic in the reception area and woodcut by Marta Wojtuszek

Photo: Martyna Rudnicka © The Line Studio

Executing projects in spaces with history is always an interesting challenge that requires balance and careful selection of furnishings, based on the quality of the products, in order to achieve a successful arrangement, the architects say.

Rzut kancelarii prawnej w Krakowie

The projection of a law firm in Krakow

© The Line Studio

Guided by this premise, the designers focused on functionality and practicality, but without sacrificing good design and top-quality finishes. Also characteristic of The Line Studio is the use of art by Polish artists. All this to ensure the best possible working conditions for employees and customers.

Lada recepcyjna została wykonana na zamówienie Trójwymiarowy wzór na ladzie

A distinctive counter in the reception area and a ceramic vase

Photo: Martyna Rudnicka © The Line Studio

The office is divided into five rooms maintained in subdued colors and classic style. They are connected by a reception desk with a distinctive strong counter made by a carpenter. The furniture is hand-painted and its front is decorated with a three-dimensional pattern. Adjacent to it is a white cabinet with simple ornaments, which serves a utilitarian function, as well as being used to store documents. Brown armchairs, a table with an edgy marble top and an unusual lamp are part of the whole establishment. Artistic details include a ceramic vase by Marcin Kuberny of the GRÔPK studio and woodcut by Marta Wojtuszek.

Granatowy fotel oraz stoliki na zamówienie

Navy blue armchair and tables made to order

Photo: Martyna Rudnicka © The Line Studio

From the reception area we move to the rooms—in one of them the eye is attracted by a curved oak veneered cabinet, the color of which matches the custom-made oak desk. Together with a designer lamp and a navy blue armchair, they create a stylish place to work. The wall is decorated with a second woodcut by Marta Wojtuszek. The designers also used a chandelier, bringing a touch of avant-garde and modernity to the interior.

Akcentu dodaje drzeworyt Marty Wojtuszek Jeden z gabinetów w kancelarii

One of the cabinets, the wall is decorated with a woodcut and a modern chandelier

Photo: Martyna Rudnicka © The Line Studio

Another of the interiors has a distinctive five-meter cabinet with ash veneer. The oak veneered desks, also custom-made, blend with a massive, dark oak bookcase whose shelves are separated by stone elements. On the wall in the depths of the room, an accent of color is visible in the form of a painting by Stanisław Bartuch. The work is illuminated by a delicate lamp. The armchair located here is a design by Edmund Homa, thoroughly restored by an upholsterer.

 Jedno z wnętrz kancelarii  Odrestaurowany fotel Edmunda Homy

The characteristic oak bookcases and the restored armchair by Edmund Homa

Photo: Martyna Rudnicka © The Line Studio

Other rooms include a private study, with a surprising combination of stylish Danzig furniture and delicate lamps. The design, dating back to 1964, is formed by round mother-of-pearl petals.

Thecontrast between the lightness and delicacy of the lamps and the massive wooden antique furniture creates an original atmosphere, the designers add.

The office also has a conference room, kept in subdued colors. It lacks superfluous additional elements and decorations, as all attention is to be focused on work.

Majestatycznego charakteru dodaje dębowa mozaika pałacowa Fornirowane dębem biurko i dębowy regał

The interiors also feature stylish Gdansk furniture

Photo: Martyna Rudnicka © The Line Studio

interview with Dominika Gucka-Krawczyk and Magdalena Załoga

Dobrawa Bies: You design and realize mainly residential interiors, and this time we're talking about a law office in Krakow. Was working on it different from designing residential interiors? What did you ladies start with?

Magdalena Załoga: We also have experience in designing commercial interiors. Working on such interiors, from the point of view of organization, is not significantly different from designing apartments. We always start work by determining the budget for the project. Then we work on the functional layout, usability and aesthetics of the interior.

Dobrawa: Did the investor have any special requirements?

Dominika Guca-Krawczyk: The rooms had to fulfill their functions above all. Our task was to combine this usability with stylish, palatial interiors.

Wazon ceramiczny został wykonany przez Marcina Kubernę Dębowy regał z kamiennymi elementami

The architects focused on the details

Photo: Martyna Rudnicka © The Line Studio

Dobrawa: In the interiors you can see a great focus on detail and the best materials. On what principle did you select them?

Magdalena: Details and finishing materials are our strong point. In every project we carry out, we focus on selecting optimal solutions. Details define the space, and in this particular case we were keen to emphasize the quality and high standards of the law firm.

Akcentu dodaje obraz Stanisława Bartucha  Minimalistyczne wnętrza kancelarii prawnej w Krakowie

An accent is added by a painting by Stanislaw Bartuch and a navy blue armchair

Photo: Martyna Rudnicka © The Line Studio

Dobrawa: How do you want clients to feel in the law firm?

Dominika: First of all, clients should feel that they are in the hands of professionals. The interior we designed does not overwhelm or intimidate. We chose simplicity, but of the highest quality.

Dobrawa: The biggest design challenge is?

Magdalena: We approach our work professionally and with respect for the investor's time. In every realization there are differences of opinion or different points of view. Reconciling the possibilities of the space, the investor's requirements and the optimal use of the potential of the place—this is what we strive for when working on each project.

Dobrawa: Thank you for the interview.

Dobrawa Bies

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