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Tranquility, minimalism and simplicity. Interior of a Thai restaurant designed by em²

07 of September '23
  1. The owners of the XO Thai restaurant in Gdansk Wrzeszcz decided on a minimalist interior.
  2. Designer Ela Sawicka created an interior design in the spirit of minimalism and zero waste, inspired by Thai street food and the dishes served in the restaurant.
  3. The restaurant is small, but has been designed to the best of its ability, connecting the kitchen to the lounge and allowing the restaurant to open to the street on warm days.
  4. The interior is decorated in warm beige colors with a variety of textures, while additional touches such as a corrugated metal ceiling and designer chairs add character.
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    Many of Poland's eateries compete in the race for the most interestingly arranged interior a space that conveys the climate of the cuisine served, tells the story of the culture of the country from which the dishes are served, or by creating a place that, thanks to its photogenic nature, will attract crowds of Instagram users. The owners of a small restaurant in Gdańsk Wrzeszcz took a different approach here the most important thing is to be what happens on the plate.

    As restaurateurs, we value what is on the plate, the composition of flavors is the main pleasure for our guests, which is why we were so keen on simplicity and an interior in the style of Korean minimalism. The place we created is meant to be a kind of mind massage for our guests say Magdalena Górska and Piotr Żelich, owners of XO Thai restaurant.

    wnętrze tajskiej restauracji

    The interior of the Thai restaurant

    photo: Hanna Połczyńska | kroniki studio

    Knowing the taste of the investors, the author of the interior design, Ela Sawicka from em² studio, undertook to create the project according to the principle of 100 percent minimalism and zero waste.

    The main inspiration for our project was the dishes that Piotr (the chef) serves at the Ryż restaurant, we knew that we would be able to experience similar compositions at XO, in this situation we decided to give them a warm bright setting of a minimalist calm interior  explains the designer.

    wizualnie połączono kuchnię z salą        górna część ścian i sufit pokryte są strukturalnym tynkiem glinianym

    minimalist restaurant interior

    photo: Hanna Połczyńska | kroniki studio

    The interior of the restaurant is small (30 square meters), and in order to optically enlarge its space, a solution was chosen as befits a restaurant serving Taiwanese food inspired by Thai street food, where food is prepared before the eyes of customers. So visually the kitchen was connected with the room, what's more, by introducing sliding windows, on warm days the premises can also be open to the street.

    nad barem projektantka umieściła sufit z blachy falistej

    Above the bar, the designer placed a corrugated metal ceiling

    Photo: Hanna Połczyńska | kroniki studio

    Warm colors dominate the interior part of the walls is covered with a dado of narrow, rectangular tiles in a beige shade, the same solution was used on the bar counter and the seating surrounding the room. The upper part of the walls and the ceiling are covered with structural clay plaster. Other elements of the interior the floor, tables and lamps are also beige. However, the variety of textures and shades ensures that such a narrow range of colors is not boring; rather, it creates a subtle, minimalist backdrop for the multicolored dishes.

    minimalistyczną identyfikację wizualną lokalu stworzył Maciej Czarnecki        w beżowym kolorze są także meble

    The beige color is also used for furniture

    Photo: Hanna Połczyńska | kroniki studio

    The whole look is enhanced by well-thought-out accents a corrugated sheet metal ceiling over the bar, which, as the author stresses, is supposed to refer to Asian street bars, designer chairs by Hung-Ming Chen and Chen-Yen Wei Taiwanese designers and a minimalist visual identity created by Maciej Czarnecki of Proper Marks.

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