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Flax, clay, hemp. Rest close to nature

26 of April '23

Simplicity and coziness, nature and design - these four words are the essence of Loft Kolasinski studio's latest project, the interiors of three agritourism apartments in the northwest.

nad kuchennym stołem wiszą lampy projektu Vernera Pantona agroturystyka kojarzy się często z sielskim wypoczynkiem

The kitchen, above the table hang lamps designed by Verner Panton

photo: Michal Szalkiewicz

Agritourism is associated with idyllic relaxation surrounded by nature, the smell of the forest and the crunchiness of the crust of freshly baked bread. This idyllic picture is sought by more and more people - in 2019 there were already more than 8,000 agritourism farms in Poland offering a total of more than 90,000 accommodations, and online platforms gathering climatic locations in the spirit of slow life continue to gain popularity. We ourselves some time ago embarked on a virtual journey in the Architecture of Pleasure series in search of unique places for a weekend getaway or a longer vacation.



Photo: Michal Szalkiewicz

The map of locations for nature lovers has recently been enriched by three independent agritourism apartments in one of the villages in the West Pomeranian region. The spacious 80-square-meter units are housed in a single building - each has a living room with kitchen, bathrooms and two bedrooms upstairs. The design of their arrangement was entrusted to the team from Loft Kolasiński studio.



Photo: Michal Szalkiewicz

The architects provided those wishing to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city with a somewhat ascetic refuge, which allows one to get closer to nature in almost every element. The building itself, as the designers explain, was erected in a traditional frame technique using demolition bricks and an ecological building material gaining in popularity - hempcrete blocks, or hemp concrete.

minimalistyczna sypialnia

minimalist bedroom

Photo: Michal Szalkiewicz

But the re-use spirit doesn't end there - most of the wooden elements are recycled, and the work involving the use of the aforementioned hempcrete and hand-laid natural clay plasters giving an extremely plastic, slightly rustic texture was carried out by the investor's brother (Hemp System).

stylowa łazienka łazienka


Photo: Michal Szalkiewicz

The Kolasinski Loft team designed both the wooden staircase and furniture (made by Patryk Bieg Woodmaker), as well as the steel joinery visible in the doors, curtain rods and mirrors (Metal Madness), and even the textiles - curtains, bedding or bedspreads. They complemented the author's concepts with tried-and-true classics - including armchairsby Sergio Saporiti and iconic pendant lamps from the 1960s designed by Verner Panton.

widok na salon autorskie koncepcje projektanci uzupełnili sprawdzonymi klasykami - między innymi fotelami Sergio Saporitiego

The author's concepts were complemented by proven classics - including Sergio Saporiti's armchairs

photo: Michal Szalkiewicz

The whole, kept in earthy colors, creates a minimalist, a bit austere interior, which at the same time, thanks to the variety of used textures, natural imperfections of some materials creates a cozy, homey atmosphere.

Ola Kloc

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