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Modern office within the walls of an old factory

25 of April '23

Filling post-industrial halls with new offices is nothing new. Such places are being redefined by modern branches of technology and economy. The character of the place is not indifferent to the shape of the new offices - an example of such a realization is the latest project by Iliard Architecture & Interior Design.

przestrzeń odpoczynku

space of rest

Photo by Tomasz Osiak, courtesy of HOOF

a memory of the past

The Petersheim factory complex in Krakow is one of the many sites that testify to the former industrial character of the Grzegórzki district. In the process of partial deindustrialization, but especially the displacement of industry associated with the development of Krakow, the factory became deserted. After several years, the place underwent processes of revaluation and adaptation to new functions.

It is in one part of the former factory, on an area of one and a half thousand square meters, that the office of an IT consulting and technology company is located. The interior was designed by the Iliard studio.

w biurze są miejsca zarówno do pracy grupowej jak i indywidualnej

The office has spaces for both group and individual work

Photo by Tomasz Osiak, courtesy of HOOF

The client set us the task of creating an attractive, work-friendly space, which is dominated by freedom and an everyday informal atmosphere [...]. In addition, the investor expected transparency, openness and a vast, open common space where employees can meet, exchange ideas and spend time together, as well as regenerate in rest areas. We wanted to liven up the office as much as possible, make it friendly and cozy, and introduce a number of places where employees can work and spend leisure time comfortably. We wanted to achieve all this in a typically industrial, initially very austere space, which we had to tame and make it a high-class office for IT employees who need mutual inspiration, energy and creativity, as well as focus and tranquility," says Dominika Stygar of Iliard Architecture & Interior Design studio

space divided in two

The office was divided into two parts - first floor and mezzanine. On the lower floor, it was decided to create an open space allowing for joint work, conferences or meetings. Next to it you will find zones of silence and concentration - allowing for deep work devoid of external impulses.

The mezzanine has become a space of rest. In addition to open-space work areas, we will find a kitchen and dining area, as well as rest areas. In this way, the office space was divided into two completely different spaces.

w przestrzeni antresoli ze względu na dostęp do światła znajdziemy najwięcej zieleni

In the mezzanine space, due to the access to light, we will find the most greenery

Photo by Tomasz Osiak, courtesy of HOOF

post-industrial character

The designers did not want to deviate from the character of the place - that's why post-industrial elements are visible at every turn. The dominant material in each section is glass, which is meant to provide lightness and spaciousness. This element is complemented by whitewashed wood, as well as white and graphite walls. To emphasize the post-industrial character, the designers also decided to introduce brick elements, which are intended to correspond with the building material of the Petersheim factory.

The interiors also have no shortage of greenery, including an olive tree surrounded by smaller plants. Where there was access to natural light - efforts were made to create a place full of vegetation to enliven the post-industrial interiors.

jedno z kilku miejsc spotkań na antresoli

One of several meeting places on the mezzanine

photo by Tomasz Osiak, courtesy of HOOF

sum of the place

The search for character of place in post-industrial spaces should always include an element of respect for the preserved substance, even as it involves far-reaching changes. Taking into account the sum of the needs of the new purpose of the old place, designers from Iliard Architecture & Interior Design tried to combine a modern workplace with the substance of the old factory.

sala konferencyjna

conference room

Photo by Tomasz Osiak, courtesy of HOOF

developed by Wiktor Bochenek

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