Loft Kolasiński

Studio Loft Kolasinski is engaged in comprehensive design of private interiors and public spaces. We advise and share knowledge in the selection of furniture, accessories, finishing and construction materials. We work with proven contractors of rare specialized trades.

For interior design, we often use author's furniture, which is created in a friendly carpenter's shop. These are individual designs created from the needs and stylistic preferences of clients. In 2015, we designed the first collection of "Public Project" furniture. We also make unique carpet designs, which are in single pieces, handmade in Nepal.

We have a special respect for items created between the 1920s and 1970s. Hence, we often use unique furniture, lighting, ceramics, prints, kilims and vintage rugs in our designs. We acquire them at auctions and from friendly collectors from all over Europe. When restoring furniture, we pay special attention to maintaining its original character.

On more than one occasion we have carried out orders for interior designs of unusual properties, such as attics, industrial buildings and old houses.

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